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making contoured nursing pads?

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I want to make up some nursing pads. When i had my son I had contoured flannel ones. They were wonderful, no bunching. I don't know where I got them, or who made them(this was 9 years ago)

Any clue on how to make these?
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I made some, but it was kinda labor-intensive.

I cut 4 layers of flannel into circles, then made a cut into each one from the edge almost to the center. I sewed each layer individually into a slight cone shape, stacked them together putting the thicker stitched area in a different spot on each layer (in other words, distributing the thicker areas around the pad so it's not too lumpy). Then I zigzag stitched all the layers together.

Target sells contoured pads, I think they were two pair for $6.
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