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As I await the arrival of my newborn I'm finalizing my diaper stash. Everything's pretty much ready to go except for the fleece liners. I have a microfleece scarf that's never been worn and is about a foot wide by five feet long. I figured I'd use that for liners to start. So my question is, what size and shape should I cut the liners? Should I just make rectangular strips, or should I aim for an hourglass shape? How long do I want each liner, and how wide? If it makes any difference, I have 10 newborn CPFs and a few dozen infant CPFs that I plan to use most of the time, though I also have a handful of Kissaluvs size 0 and some Prorap AIOs. And I expect to use a Snappi most of the time.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

EDD 10/17/03 (one week from tomorrow!!!)
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