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making fleece liners

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I want to go to the fabric store to make some fleece liners for my CPFs and covers. What exactly am I asking for in terms of fabric? Microfleece, right? Does it go by any other name - like Polar Fleece? Or, are there more than one kind of microfleece that I will have to choose from. I am NOT a sewing/fabric knowledgable kind of person - I'm not even sure where a fabric store is - so all advice is appreciated.

I was planning on just cutting it up into strips and not sewing the edges. Is that okay, especially for short term use until the lil' one can fit into the FBs? How big should I cut the strips? Hourglass or just a rectangle?

Thank you, thank you, wise diaper mamas!
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Any ole fleece you'll find at a fabric store should do the trick, I'd look for a thinner sort out of preference (to not add extra bulk to the dipe). It comes in several different names, it's all the same stuff though. The waterproof sort of fleece won't be sold in a regular fabric store, so no worries of buying it by accident.

Fleece does not fray, no sewing required.
The size and shape is all your personal preference. When we used fleece liners I cut rectangles out just for simplicity's sake.
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If you can find a fabric store like JoAnns, they have decent no-pill microfleece that will work fine for your project. The shape is really up to you. Rectangles are fine and are super easy.
As the PP said, there's no need to sew the edges, because fleece won't fray or unravel.
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