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Making ghee the healthiest way

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Is it possible to make a almost raw ghee. I know that the butter has to actually boil but it just feels like I am trading one thing of dairy issues for a cooked, cooked oil. Can't I have a raw ghee?
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I really don't think there is such a thing as raw ghee. You have to heat the butter to melt it and to separate the dairy solids from the oil, and to evaporate out all the liquid form the oil (or it will go rancid). And unless you are using raw cream butter the cream has been pasteurized (cooked) anyway.

Also, the way I figure it, I only use ghee for cooking. It doesn't matter if i am heating the butter to make the ghee it in the first place because it is just going in the pan to saute vegetables. if I am making a food that I just need to spread butter on (on cooked veggies, on bread, or whatever) I use butter, not ghee. if I need to saute something on the stove over medium or high heat I use ghee.
I'm fairly certain you can... I have this little cooler that I have an adjustable heating pad in it and I set it to 104 degrees for making a probiotic drink. Anyway I decided to put some butter in there once and........ after some hours the oil and solids separate. It is then possible to simply pour the oil off and leave the solids at the bottom of the container. What you have left is as clarified as Ghee. So yes it's possible IMO.

The butter oil that green pastures sells is also Clarified so it is free of the dairy solids and has just the oil... like ghee.. but its raw. but they use a different process. So its also possible through their method however it is
are you going to use the ghee for raw uses? I thought it was primarily for use for cooking. I don't like the texture for on bread and stuff.

Also, clarified butter and ghee are different. I can't imagine a way to make ghee without heating it. To make ghee, you don't just heat it to get the solids out, you actually brown (but not burn) the solids, which adds more flavor to it. Not sure if it adds extra nutrition. if you can't eat the milk solids, clarifying it at a low temp like a pp suggusted might work, however if you want true ghee, you will have to heat it.
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