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Making My First Batch of Yogurt- and a ?

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I'm so excited - I have my first batch hanging out in the over being kept warm by the pilot light. I have no idea if it will turn out, since it's my first batch, but I'm excited anyway!

My question is this - if you sweeten your homemade yogurt, what do you use and how much? I'm making a quart right now. DS won't eat plain or fruit flavored yogurt - he generally eats whole milk vanilla (usually Cascade). So. . .I was thinking honey and a little vanilla mixed in? Would that work?
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Some people here who make their own yogurt aren't big on sweetening it as it sort of decreases the benefits of the probiotics and feeds the yeastie beasties.

That said, we tend to feed DS his plain but I like a little organic maple syrup and wheat germ mixed in mine. I just flavor it once I put it on the bowl...not in advance.

Maybe someone else will have more info for you....just wanted to share what we do.
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