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making my own HH inserts

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OK, so I bought the hemp/cottom jersey knit material to make my own inserts for my (I mean ds's) HH, I am hoping to get them cut out today, and sew them at my mom's tonight and I need to know how to wash it before I cut it. I am not real experienced with this, will it come all unraveled if I wash it the way it came? Will the edge just ravel a bit, but either way I have to wash it to "pre-shrink" it right? And what temp. do I wash it, hot? TIA, I know this should've gone into the sewing section, but I wanted to get an answer as soon as possible to get it washed and cut before I leave here (I don't have a sewing machine, and if I don't use my mom's tonight, I won't get to it for a couple of weeks).
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I think two hot washs and a dries should be plenty
i made some inserts with hemp fleece, and just prewashed it one time on warm and dried.
i didnt have any problems with shrinkage or anything.
after i made them, i did was them a few more times for absorbancy.
With the jersey one good hot wash and hot dry should be good for you. The jersey will not ravel but it will curl along the cut edges.

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