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Making Sherpa Prefolds

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I just made up a batch of sherpa prefolds. I

I got a dozen single layer dipes out of a yard of sherpa.

I cut mine 12x14 inches (stretch going across the 12 inches)
then I cut a strip 4x14 inches and sewed it in the middle smooth sides together. Serger around the outside edge (this could be skipped since sherpa doesn't really ravel)

12 inches doesn't seem very wide, but with the stretch it's more than enough for 18 lb Kacie.

I didn't have enough sherpa for all the strips, so some of them are stretch terry. I just wanted something snappiable and stretchy.

They need a doubler for super peeing Kacie, but I like everything to come apart when washed so I didn't sew more layers in the middle. I think 2 layers overall would be too bulky. (at least for me)
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Cool! I think I'm going to try that. I'm really feeling the sherpa pf love right now.
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