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This recipe is superfatted at 5%, no need to add any extra oils to it.

Half the recipe would use these amounts:

12 oz coconut
12 oz olive
10 oz canola
8 oz palm

6 oz lye and
14 oz water

I downloaded the recipe spreadsheet from the ****** soaping site, it's free and easy to use and it calculates all your amounts for you. That worked for me perfectly fine til my dh bought me some software for soapmaking.

Use .7oz of fragrance oil per pound of base oils

To figure out mold volume you multiply: LxWxH(.35) and that will give you the amount of oils you'll need for a recipe to fit that mold.

Your recipe contains 30% coconut which is pretty much at the highest level anyone would want, so if you should find that the bars are too cleansing then you may want to reduce the coconut %. I use 10% most often.

Have fun!
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