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I posted a while back about my 5y old daschund who was literally destroying my house with his separation anxiety. Dobbie has been on meds for 5 or so weeks now, plus we are working with a trainer. He is doing much better. He is sitting in front of me crated at the moment. I crate him off and on again during the day working up to being able to crate him at night and while we are gone without him going nuts trying to get free. We have two crates in the house for different rooms, plus several dog beds that I'm working on training him to stay on so he can be near me without being directly under my feet. Dobbie is getting so many small treats for his behavior when he is not anxious that I had to go out today and buy a massive bag of dog bones.

The hardest part has been to put myself on a schedule,
so that he gets certain things at certain times of the day, walks, food, crate time, play time....

And while I was typing this, DH let Dobbie out of his crate, praised him for remaining calm, gave him a small treat. Dobbie walked around for a minute and then went back in his crate by HIMSELF and is now lying down with the door open!
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