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making wool diaper cover--help!

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I found a wool flannel coat for $1 at a tag sale. It's soft and a beautiful burgundy/maroon color and I think would be adorable as a cover or 2. But I've never made a cover with this type of material--only knit and felted knit. Does anyone have any links or info on patterns I could use. I dont have a serger. Will that be a problem? Thanks!
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Hmm.. I'm not up on all my wool varieties, but I would toss it into the washer & dryer repeatedly to felt it up. Then I would just cut it according to your normal cover pattern (1 or 2 layers depending on thickness). You do not need a serger. If you want to do a mock serged edge, just zig zag next to the edge or let the "zig" go off the fabric.


check out hmmm... ? ... find engineermama @ the diapering board & follow her linkie to her page -- I think she has a bunch of links. I'll look for some linkie's for sure later, but I need to get to sleep! See if I can catch some quality
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If it's wool flannel you "should" only need one layer b/c once it's felted it will be REALLY thick.
I cut out a big piece and washed & dried it hot to see what would happen and it did get really thick--not too thick though. I cut out the triangle and used a turquoise sweater for leg and waist bands. It's all pinned and ready to be sewed and I'm excited. I wish I had my digital camera to post the final product, but it's in storage. Thanks for the links and help.
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