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At the moment unfortunately I don't have any male friends. But I have in the past & DH was always fine with it. Neither one of us is the jealous type though.

It sounds like you've tried discussing this with him one on one, but have you tried counseling? Can you approach him at a good moment and mention that (1) You respect that he's an introvert, but you're feeling the need to (re)connect with friends. You're needs are just as important as his! (2) You'd really like to catch up with some old friends, and yes some of them are male, but you don't want to hurt his feelings or leave him feeling betrayed. (3) If he doesn't seem open to discussion this or gets defensive say you'd like to try a couple sessions with a marriage counselor to work on balance and trust issues.

It may also help to mention to him that going to a marriage counselor BEFORE there is a major problem is preferrable to waiting until AFTER a problem has developed!

: Good luck!

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