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Mama Clothing FFS! ~ DVD's in EC FSOT ~ Mama Jewelry FSOT ~ Come look! ~ Added ISO

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I take Paypal [email protected], funded and CC welcome. I am open to money orders, and can now accept personal checks. Prices over your budget? Just ask me about it and make an offer

I knew I forgot about something - I would LOVE to trade, and need some things so would love it even more than making money (which I'd have to go and be responsible with lol)

I'm currently ISO:
  • Dritz diaper pins (expecting some but I'm so bad losing pins I'm sure I'll need more)
  • Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo/body wash (a little bit used ok)
  • Burts Bees buttermilk lotion (full size prefered)
  • Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream (sample jar or full jar fine)
  • Kissaluvs or similar loop terry or bkt terry wipes at least 8 x 8
  • Tyveck envelopes (obviously not the usps ones lol), or waterproof bubblemailers
  • Citrus Circles
  • Premium/Regular UBCPFs (dyed a bonus!)
  • mailing/packing/box tape at least 3/4 a roll
  • natural/organic cosmetics
    Children's clothing (I have three boys and 1 surprise on the way):
    Ummm we like Old navy, OkieDokie, Miniwear, Hanna, Healthtex, H&M, Carter's, TCP, but I'm not really picky as long as it's in good/useable condition, I just like quality b/c it lasts soooo long.
    **"School clothes" in size 4T/5: khakis, nice button down shirts, etc, for warm, mild, and winter weather. Khaki shorts a plus.
    Summer/Fall in 3T
    Tees and rompers in size 18 mos-24 mos
    soft sole shoes (like Robeeze) in 18-24 mos
    Tees newborn-6mos (I have a gazillion onezies

    Newborn gowns
    Cotton knit baby blankets/recieving blankets (love John Lennon stuff)

    floor mat (like what you put in front of the sink)
    wire wisk/egg beater
    potato masher (preferably stainless steel)
    rolling pin
    pastry brush
    set of good silverware (set of 4 per spoon, knife, forks fine)
    whetting stone
    pizza cutter
    flour sifter
    dome lids (for ball jars)

    For the Dh:
    He prefers Gap, Calvin Klien, and Old Navy (usually its because only high end stores have his HTF sizes)
    Jeans: size 26-28 waist 30-32 leg (30 waist too big), regular fit
    Khakis: same as jeans
    Polo Tees: Small or medium, solid colors
    Concert or music Tees: *Pearl Jam!*, Doors, Nirvana, TMBG, Violent Femmes, or pm me and tell me what you got, S, M or L nothing holey or stained

    Media:pm me with titles, we love most anything but *modern country*
    Flaming Lips
    Velvet Underground
    Sonic Youth
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    Peter paul and Mary (looking for the Peter Paul and Mommy album!)
    John Fahey
    Brain Candy soundtrack
    Beastie Boys

    DVDs: copies won't play on our player, so must be original
    Adam Sandler movies (we have Little Nicky)
    Veggie Tales (any title)
    classic black and white films
    Kid's movies/cartoons
    Disney animated features
    Thomas the Tank Engine

    Nintendo Gamecube:
    Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (we lost our copy somehow
    Any vintage Mario titles, or Tetris that may have been done for NG discs

    Gift certs Target
    Walmart (for the groceries)
Pictures of Jewelry and descriptions here: Drastically reduced
includes Sterling silver woman's rings sizes 7-9, very beautiful!
Diamond - Emerald14kt gold necklace/earing set
Coldwater Creek silver/turquoise earings

Midwives by Chris Bohjalian (a novel): GC, Read a few times, shows a little wear. paperback. 310 pgs. $5.00 PPD media mail

DVDs - Drastically reduced - Scroll to the bottom of pictures. Prices are PPD media mail rate

A Knight's Tale EC, watched 1x
Running on Empty Case got a little crunched , disc in EC
City Hall EC, watched 1x
The Blue Angel (1929) English version, B&W, Marlene Dietrich, watched 1x

Clothing Some clothing will fit a women's size L and most are sized 14-16 XL - I just want the room in my closet - free for shipping! unless otherwise marked. I will be adding more soon as I find time.

Pictures and descriptions here

Just send a PM if you are interested or have any questions. - thanks!
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