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"Mama, I scared!"

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My almost 2 y.o. DS has, for the past couple of weeks, taken to telling me, "Mama, I scared!" All the time. Sometimes it's when he hears a noise. Sometimes its kind of random.

Like this morning we were driving and there was a white pick up truck in front of us. He said, "truck" and I said, "what color is the truck?" "Orange." (He says everything is orange!). When we got home, about 10 minutes later, and pulled into the parking garage, he said, "Mama, I scared!" I asked him what he was scared of and he said, "Truck." There was no truck in sight, so I asked him what truck and he said "Orange truck." He hadn't seemed scared at all when we first saw the truck, or afterwards.

Often when he says he's scared he doesn't even seem scared -- he just wants to be held or is just saying it for fun.

Does this sound like normal toddler behavior? How would you respond? Right now I usually just say something like, "Oh, you'r scared of the truck? Did it make a loud noise?" But this feels kind of inadequate. Also the frequency of his being scared seems a bit extreme and worrisome to me.
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Sounds normal to me. I think toddlers like figuring out the cause and effect of certain things. They know what will happen if they say or do X, so they do it. I'm not sure why, maybe to test their theory, lol, or just for some confirmation...but my daughter does it a lot.

Or perhaps he is remembering a dream about a truck? (I don't daughter is almost 3 and rarely talks about dreaming.)

Em's variation on the "I'm scared" is "I'm stuck." She may be stuck, but more often she just wants me to come scoop her up. It's almost like a game to her. I scoop her up and say "You're not stuck, silly girl."
And she cracks up.

I think your response is fine, especially if he is not appearing really scared (crying, frightened look in his eyes, etc.)
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