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mamas in guelph?

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...just moved back to Guelph with my 2 sprites(6+4)...looking for Intentional Mama's

i don't do well without a tribe...and am feeling a little like i'm on another planet in this new "complex" place we live in. is anybody out there???
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Hey, I'm in Guelph and have been lookin' for some mamas too!

I have a 4 month old son who I'm home with now.

I haven't been in Guelph since Jan'97. What's it like now? We're hoping to move back some day but I'm afraid I won't love it anymore. I've heard it is "mississauga west".
I personally love it. I can see how it could have changed had i lived here my whole life, but having moved from Milton (now THAT's becomming mississauga west!) Guelph is a haven (there are many new sub-divisions though, but they're easy to forget about since they're all on the outskirts of town) It's very forward thinking (I mean, you have to love a city that spent millions of bucks trying to keep Wal-Mart out to protect the little guys
). I love their wet-dry system, and wide variety of natural stores, and an overall sense of folks who embrace natural living. During the last election, I took a walk downtown and past 1 liberal sign, and about 15 green party signs....i love it! We've been here for only 2 yrs. and are still renting, but thinking of buying a house here (definitely an older burbs for us!)
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I'm in Guelph!!!
I understand why people would think Guelp is turning into a mississauga, wiht all the sub-burbs and strip malls opening up everywhere!! But downtown is still alive and kickin'!! I really like it here..mostly
I am not in Guelph any longer but I do have some babysitting passes to the YMCA I never used we moved a few months ago...if anyone wants them I will mail free pm me
does anyone dig the idea of a summer meet up? a picnic or something? i'm putting out an idea as i posted the shout out to guelph mama's and then didn't respond to those who were good enough to shout back!
A picnic sounds like a great idea! Any of you by chance use Family Midwifery Care on Speedvale?? Their reunion picnic is soon.

We're only going to be in guelph for the next few weeks, then it's to St. Catahrines we go.....
I'm gonna miss it here. But it's only for a year while I go back to school, then it's wherever the wind takes us from there.
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I was just home for a visit - London and Mississauga mostly. I was tempted to stop in Guelph on my way down the 401 but its so far off track I decided to pass this time (my three year old cried from before Cambridge to past Milton).

I really want to go to Hillside next summer and rent a cottage in Turkey Point. It'll take me that long to get the nerve up to do another road trip!
(London is a seven hour trip from here that took 8.5 hours this time and 9.5 hours back!!!!)
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We're in Guelph and I just had my first appt with Family Midwifery practice this week!

I would love to meet other expectant mamas with a similar philosophy...
picnic idea sounds great
let's try to do it before we lose anyone that's on board.
can we pull it together for 2 sundays from now??? i'm off to visit my gran this week-end, but can totally do it the following sunday.
does the park across from the 'Boathouse' seem like a decent spot? (on Gordon st...can't think of the proper name!) ya know... where they do Earth Day? say..around 11-ish? weather permitting.
let me know what the vibe is on this or if there are other ideas. (* i realize this particular sunday is also Donkey Day out at the donkey sanctuary and there may be conflicts*?)

nice to hear from you ladies!!

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That should work for me....are your significant others coming if it's on a weekend?

During the week might be better just 'cause I can do my own thing without having to worry about DH.
*bump* .... where are all my guelph mamas at ??
we are up in the south end, off of college ave.
i was wondering if anyone would be game to meet up at the donkey day festivities???...there will be singing and dancing and storytelling for the wee ones, it sounds pretty great. we have been wanting to get there for a while and couldn't find the place in late winter. its located on puslinch #5. any thoughts??
someone also mentioned doing the picnic on a weekday instead, so that hubbys are occupied..i'm ok for this too if it works as i never have a problem pulling my sprites out of school for a day of fun!!

how about this.. any one who wants to do the donkey santuary, jump on goes from 11-4 on sunday.(can't wait!) anyone who can't or doesn't want to go... will be on board for a park picnic this week or the following week, whichever day works for the most mamas!!

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eirual, maybe it's just you and us....are you still game?
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I'm certainly game!

My guy's only 6 mos, so I'm still on mat. leave and quite flexable....didn't even think about kids being in school during the weekdays.

But weekdays are best for me since weekends are usually quite busy, especially now that it's nice out. So maybe if it is just us, you'd rather just go out for coffee or something and leave the kiddos in school?? Or if others get on board then the park might be fun....any P.D./P.A. days coming up??
hey there!

if it's a nice day let's hook up @ the park on gordon Monday @ 11 or so. We can pop over for coffee if we feel like it or do whatever we wanna do. i would love to take the my rascals there to mess around playin hookie!

I was planning on meeting another mama (not on MDC, but a naturopath I met through a Yahoo group- met her once before) at The Cornerstone for lunch on Monday around 12:30. Care to join?
sounds good....i will look for you there..

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