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I ordered some FMBG fitteds a while ago... I told Terri that my ds is the super pee machine... so she put "as much hemp as she could stuff into a diaper" into these fitteds.

I got them a couple of days ago and tossed them in the washer... washed 'em twice and couldn't wait to try them... so I put one on him... and he WENT TO SLEEP.....!!!! YIKES I'm thinking... shoot, even if it's a great dipe, it's gonna leak because I only washed it twice.... oh well, live and learn.... That child slept for three hours and that diaper was SOAKED, but no leaks, no nothing. I had him in the fitted with the doubler a fleece liner and just a regular FMBG PUL cover.

So, I just started using them and the more I wash them (I am washing them every day so I can see how yummmmmy they get!) the more absorbant they get!!! I think they are 8 or 9 layers of hemp with the doubler... they aren't the trimmest dipe in the universe, I'm sure, but they hold like the freaking HOOVER DAM!! LOLOLOL!!!! I am using these overnight now with NO PROBLEMS!!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy I decided to take the leap into fitteds!!!!

This is so cool and Terri is just the BEST WAHM on the planet!!!!

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