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Its like a bumbo but more for chubby legs

review by llq1011

I was so sad whn I tried to put my son in his bumbo the first time. his little legs would not fit. So after we returned it we found this seat. It looked so similar but its not. It was just what we needed. His little legs could fit without compromising blood flow. Its a natural product. It comes with the tray. His first foods were in this chair. The plastic is easier to clean and it has more surface area on the floor so it doesn't wobble. PLUS the color part comes out for when he got too big for it. We have used to a lot and i am so glad we got it.

Easy to clean, Cute, Two seats in one, tray, biiger seat for chubbier babiesthe tray can be wobbly


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Mamas & Papas Baby Snug - Green

The Mamas & Papas Baby Snug is a two-stage seat that is easy to clean and ergonomically designed specifically for babies. The seat offers comfort and support, and it easily adjusts as your baby grows. The first stage can be used once your baby can support his or her own head, and the second stage is available for when your baby grows out of the first stage. A removable tray allows your baby to play or eat, and the soft, comfortable design ensures that your baby will stay snugly in the seat. The rigid crotch post ensures your baby's safety at all times, while a lightweight design allows you to take this seat anywhere.

Dimensions: approx. 16.9"D x 16.9"W x 9.8"H

Tray height: approx. 8.7"

Weight: 3.7 lbs.

BindingBaby Product
Feature1st stage: for use when baby can support their own head (from 3 months approx.)
2nd stage: when baby outgrows the 1st stage seat (from 12 months approx)
Removable tray aids play times and meal times. Soft and comfortable, designed to keep baby snug and in place
Lightweight for easy transportation, easy to clean, rigid crotch post for added safety
Prevent falls. Never use on any uneven or elevated surfaces e.g tables, chairs or counterparts. Do not use until your baby can support their own head.
LabelMamas and Papas
ManufacturerMamas and Papas
PublisherMamas and Papas
StudioMamas and Papas
TitleMamas & Papas Baby Snug - Green
BrandMamas and Papas
ProductGroupBaby Product
Item Height9.84 inches
Item Weight6.35 pounds
Item Width16.93 inches
Package Height10 inches
Package Length17.3 inches
Package Weight5.7 pounds
Package Width17 inches
Item Length16.93 inches


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