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Mamas to be keeping fit support thread

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Anyone in need of some support? I know I am. I'm overweight and have a tendency to overeat and also snack on too many things that are bad for me! I need to stay off the junk this time around so I don't gain another 90 lbs and also end up with diabetes someday or worse that all of that, neglect to give the tiny one proper nutrition.

So, I'm determined to try really hard to stay away from white breads, refined sugar, processed foods, high fat creamy stuff, hfcs, trans fats, etc....I'm basically going to try to limit myself to lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains. I think this will help me feel better toward the end of this pregnancy and hopefully keep me and the babe healthy.

Who's with me? Anyone else here struggling with a healthy diet this time around? Can we get a support thread going?
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I need support I wanna eat all the time mostly just bc I am board. I didn't do good this weekend at all! I need to get back on track this week.
I'm in! Trying hard to eat a variety of foods to fill the hunger, not just white bread. Craving empty calories, not helpful!!
I'm in. I'm starting this pregnancy 50 lbs overweight and I need to eat right to gain the right kind of weight for the next belly bean.
Yeah I'm in. I have a real issue with an eating disorder and the doc is already getting on my case about trying to gain weight. I really need to learn how to eat healthy right now. The lean protien, veggies, fruits, and grains thing sounds like a really good idea. I'm aiming to gain at least 15 with this pregnancy.
Had to dig this thread out from pages back!

I've had a crazy fortnight! Best friend's 30th celebrations plus being support person on call for my friend's birth for her children - the birth happened at exactly 42 weeks! So extra time waiting and conserving my limited energy for that
Plus my usual crazy old loveable life. Suffice to say my fitness program was bumped down the priorities, something I have rarely done this year, where I've kept it waaaay up there. I'm letting go of the guilt and just resuming it today.

So my new "rule" for the gym is if I don't enjoy the exercise I don't do it anymore LOL That's the slacking off I'm allowed. I was doing a pretty intense program that took at least 90 minutes, that was made for me a few weeks before I got pregnant. I can handle an hour, about 40 mins cardio and then resistance. I am going to modify for another 3 weeks and then ask for a new program with pregnancy taken into account. Right on time for the second trimester which is when more modification is necessary from my research. Really want to prevent SPD and be as energetic as possible

How's everyone else going?
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What's SPD?

I had a similar few days, with family visiting and a big project due at work this week. I last worked out on Friday, but I plan to pick up again today.
: I have an added incentive because I'm currently going thru physical therapy for an injury, and I don't want to show up to my next appt looking like a slacker!

I still haven't tried my pilates for pregnancy DVD, but I hope to this weekend!
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WEll I am borrowing my aunts treadmill and I have been walking 2 miles a day for a week and a half now and I already feel better though I haven't lost any weight. The only thing is my hips hurt when I get done. Not sure why that is.
I'm trying really hard to not let the nausea overtake me and rule my schedule. Last time, I was a lump for 7 weeks b/c I felt so icky, and didn't exercise, and ate cereal 3 meals a day b/c nothing else tasted good. Managed to trim down most of that flab before getting pg again. This time, I'm working hard to maintain my exercise routine, eat lots of protein, and work through the nausea (if it comes as badly) as much as possible. That said - I already experienced "overdoing it" like never before, and it was a little scary!
I think this thread is great! I got off to a good start, ten pounds under where I thought I was! But that was due to traveling in Thailand for three weeks then not being able to eat for four days!

We just moved (like, just moved!) and we're off to join the Y today. I also need to find a pregnancy yoga class to join - I'm really excited about that!
Well I made it to almost 3 miles today! YAY exactly 2.73 LOL my goal is 3 miles tomorrow which takes me about an hour
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I had my husband buy me a treadmill so I could do more cardio at home. I really want to work on keeping my blood pressure as low as I can. Although right now I am getting so sick that I can't do much more than lay on the couch. I think the trick for me is to do it first thing in the morning before the pukies hit me. One of my friend also has been telling me how wonderful prenatal yoga was for her. I think I'll have to give it a try.

Originally Posted by slgt View Post
I'm trying really hard to not let the nausea overtake me and rule my schedule.
me too! i really had hoped to be 10 pounds less (like not at the very maximum of the healthy weight range) before getting preggers but here i am.

so, i'm trying to keep riding my bike, doing the yoga video, and walking the dog at the very least and it sucks! because i feel so queasy that all i want to do is eat all the time, even if i'm full!

last time i gained 35 pounds and it was fine but i'd *like* to be a little bit lower this time around because it was so friggin' hard to move!

so, yeah, i'm totally in!
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I don't track my wieght, but I do track how my body feels and how my clothes fit. I still have pudge and flabbiness left over from gaining a bunch of weight AFTER dd was born. I was ravenously hungry due to nursing and I was on a severely restricted diet for a while. When I came off of it I ate way too much of everything.

My goal is to do Callenetics 3 times a week, swim once per week, pg workout video twice per week, and other random cardio like walking the other day. I do stretching/yoga everyday, but I'm going to try to do more. I had severe back pain with DD for the last 2 1/2 months of pg, so I'm hoping to avoid that this time with excercise, stretching and yoga.

Originally Posted by snozzberry View Post
What's SPD?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, pelvic instability, has lots of names people use
I've researched that good core strength can help prevent it or reduce the severity. I had it from 20 weeks last time and it was very debilitating and I want to avoid that.
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Add me to the list. With Darren, I gained 60 lbs. I'd lost 20, and am down to 180....and just got the bfp....and Darren's just 5 mo. With him, I took pregnancy as a free-for-all to eat whatever I wanted, since it was "ok" to be fat whilst pregnant. Clearly, I want to avoid that this time! I'm looking to gain as little weight as possible, while still being healthy. AND I need to get off my butt and start exercising, again.

Here's for healthy and fit pregnancy's!
Glad to see you guys are doing well. We're on vacation right now and it's so hard to find somethign decent to eat and not spend a fortune or have to sit down in a restaurant (not something my 2 year old is really good about). I can't wait to get home to start preparing meals in my kitchen again.
How's everyone doing today? Did y'all work out? It's hot as hell here, with almost 100% humidity, but thanfully I got to the Y first thing in the morning to do a weight lifting class. I've found that if I put on my workout clothes first thing when I get up, I usually get to the gym. If I don't, I won't! And if I shower first, no way will I end up going.
I am determined to lose the baby belly after this baby, even though I never did after dd who is 18 months. So I'm doing lots of weights, ab work, and pilates now, and plan on keeping at it as long as I can. I always thought weight lifting was tabboo during pregnancy, but all that I've read has said it's okay. And I only use about 15 kg. Hope everyone else got some activity in today. (oh yeah, and it's really helping with the caffeine withdrawal!)
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Sign me up too! I have always been about 15-20lbs overweight (over the high end of the "ideal" weight scale for my height) and I gained about 20 lbs after coming home from Iraq so I'm carrying all that into this pregnancy. So far I have just been eating like crap-not because I'm sick and nothing else sounds good, but because I'm lazy and usually wait too long to eat. Plus, I haven't done any regular exercise in months!

I'm really scared about being really overweight after I have this baby. I gained exactly 25 lbs with dd and exercised my whole pregnancy, but I never lost the last 5 lbs of it and I've just felt a lot bigger since then.

Hopefully you ladies and this thread will be my motivation to get out of bed a little early to work out and start eating healthy!! I'm really hoping to stay on the low end of the weight gain.

So, tomorrow's goal: do 45 mins of cardio and strength training; don't eat cold cereral or nachoes for dinner (those are my two quick easy junk meals!)
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I'm not so much concerned about my weight and eating habits as I am with keeping up some sort of an exercise program and not turning back into a couch potato. It's very important for me, as an "older" mother, not to loose ground and to stay in shape so that I can chase after my toddler and keep her safe and play horsey with her and pull her Burley Solo (bicycle trailer) up those hills and take my grandbabies to the park instead of having them push my wheelchair through the halls of my nursing home.

I'm starting to feel out of breath and dd needs to use the good bicycle now that she has a twelve mile ride to her new job in the morning, so I could definitely do with some support. I'm having to remind myself that my Middle Eastern dance class is NOT an expendable luxery even though it's fun, because it is the only form of exercise I do which isolates specific muscles that I'll need to strengthen for an easier birth. I also got new pedals for my dirt bike to make it more pleasant to ride on the streets and commited myself to visiting a friend in the next town up the highway "today or tomorow" so I can't wimp out.

My Mom was visiting last week so I missed my daily short rides into town, which does NOT help at all! It did help that she is hypoglycemic and since I was making frequent small meals for her, I made enough for me too. It helped the ms and had a noticeable effect on my mood.

Tomorrow's goal is about a 12-20 mile round trip to my friend's house and to show up at my dance class and start seriously practicing every day.
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