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I am going through the whole thing, I have a 15mo dd with decay on her front top teeth and we are doing(consistently) CLO, MI paste and brushing with the xylitol paste and using xylitol gum sometimes.

But I was wondering what are your supplement routines?

I have trace minerals, but I never remember it.
I have butter oil but she won't take it.
I have probiotics but I never remember to give it.

It gets overwhelming sometimes

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I find it overwhelming as well. If I remember to do most of the stuff on most days then I think I'm doing pretty good. Fortunately DS is 7 so I don't have that hard of a time getting him to take supplements. Daily he gets a multi vit, butter oil, CLO, lots of kale and usually bone broth. I usually forget his calcium supplement but at least he drinks mineral water daily. He brushes with xylitol crystals before bed.
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