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I am just getting all goose bumpy and excited to ceclebrate the holidays. I am working on our Halloween costumes now, and trying to think of something nice for Thanksgiving. We have our cabin reserved for Christmas, and in the coming weeks I am going to make some decorations for the tree we will purchase in the town our cabin is at. I also am putting together a Christmas wish list, and Mark is doing the same.

All this holiday excitement has got me in a cleaning mood, and I spring cleaning in the fall

I've brought out all our winter clothing, starting putting up fall decorations, and watching, "Satna Claus is Coming to Town" my favorite kids Christmas movie.

Anyone else in 'mood'?

PS~ I am looking for the TV movie called, "The Night they Saved Christmas" starring Jaqueline Smith, anyone know where I can get it?

What is everyone doing to get ready for the holidays? SHARE SHARE SHARE if you can't wait to get the holidays moving!

Arts and Crafts?
Homemade gifts?
Going someplace special?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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