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mamas who work at home??

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i'm hoping for some insight.i stay home and hang out with my sweet gal but we are running out of money so.....i 'm wondering what do you mamas who work at home do?for the past ten years i took care of kids in my home but the gig i had ended last sept.we're going to be moving to a new city where i don't know anyone and don't have any connections so i'm looking for some new ideas.

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I work at home and have for a three years now. I have an elementary education degree but there are jobs out there you don't need an degree to do at all. First of check out ,, These three jobs are phone jobs from home. You take calls for places like home shopping network, shop nbc , cricket cell phone and office depot. That who work at home agents works with. Work at home agents are on the phone. The pay starts at .17 a minute and goes to .35 a minute. The average for most lines is around that 7.50 to 8.00 an hour mark. The key is to get to work a few lines so you always have good money coming in. You choose your own hours to work. You do need a quiet environment to work. I worked for them during naptime and after bedtime and sometimes in the morning during pbs cartoons. You are also a contractor so you need to pay your own taxes. Alpine acess pays 9.00 an hour and only hires in Colorado , Texas , Utah and Airzona. I know liveops pays by the minute too.

A few more website to check are You can tutor math and reading online you just need a degree. It's done through chat. It's $10 hour. The bad thing about them is they say they will assign you a student but you have go get your own . You go through the inbox and it's very hard to get the students. This can be done but you have to watch the inbox a lot. The second thing is you only work form Oct- May. The other one is you start at $8.50 an hour and answer home work questions. I'm not sure if they hiring or not. You also set your own hours.

Next check out Look up the forums there is a telcommuting board that is awesome for job leads. Also if you want information on jobs on the phone check out It has tons of information work at home agents, liveops and alpine.

Oh by the way I work for sylvan learning centers online. I love it. This was my first job at home and returned a few weeks ago. You need a teaching degree to work for them. They are an awesome company. I hope this helps.
Wroking form home is the best. I love my ten second commute.

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I'm a Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and a Personal Consultant for Natural Family Boutique.
thanks for the info!
I work at home as a web developer/web strategist - I design and build websites for clients, mainly federal gov right now.

We have an au pair who watches my boys while I work, but since I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old, I take lots of breaks for nursing/play time - and help our au pair when the two of them get a little much (esp. nap time).

I don't have a degree in computer science, btw - I learned everything by doing it and reading online. Basic HTML editing pays between $10 - $25 an hour - coding and database design is between $30 and $70 an hour. Creating PDF documents can earn about $20 an hour.

Building and maintaining websites as a hobby can easily turn into something profitable!
i wish computers made sense to seems like something i should investigate.maybe it's time to make them make sense to me.seems like there a lot of work at home jobs to be done with them.

Can I ask you more about the Sylvan job? I just had my second boy and am looking to stay home. I've been a music teacher for the last 8 years. Do they take any education degree? How's the pay? Are the online jobs tough to get?

I am an independent distributor for Senegence International,
I also have a wardrobe consulting business.
I also do web development, internet marketing. I'm trying to get an actual work out of home job right now, though - my dream job.
I'm another Natural Family Boutique consultant, but I'm still WOH.... I need to look into some of these things. I'd love to be WAHM instead of both!
I'm a editor and writer for a big newspaper. I work half-days from home pretty much every day. Once the baby comes in November, and my mat leave is up, I plan to work exclusively from home for several more months so I can spend as much time with my little one as possible. My employer is very supportive of this.

IME, the best work-from-home gigs are worked out with a company you already work for and have a good reputation with. I know my company, about as mainstream as you can get, lets parents with young children do this quite often.
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