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I don't like a nightgown or pants in the very immediate post partum period. They just get in your way and get blood on them. I wore a really loose tank top and no pants and sat on a chux pad, which I hate by the way since they are plastic, but my hospital did not have washable bed pads. When I went to the bathroom I held the chux pad against me (a little awkward--but worked out okay). Yes, I went to the bathroom bare-bottomed! I was not too worried about modesty with the hospital staff--I figure they're seen it all-- and I only had 1 visitor for 15 minutes (I am not into visitors in the very beginning if it is at all possible to avoid/minimize their presence). You are tired and trying to establish breastfeeding and bond with your baby despite the frequent interruptions from the hospital staff. Company can come later imo!
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