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Ditto to every remark about annoying hospital gowns I was in the hospital for a long time before Ds#1 was born, no body told me I could have worn my own stuff. Being tangled up with wires and all that didn't make wearing those things with all the ties and snaps in the wrong places any easier.

For my second birth I wore an old button down night shirt expecting it to get ruined but it didn't so I'm gonna bring that one again for this birth. I haven't quite figured what i'm gonna do postpartum yet I want to feel nice and not icky. At my hsptl you have to change floors to go to post partum unit. After a few hours, maybe 3-4 I remember the nurse setting up the peri bottle, mesh panties and a bag of pads in the bath room for me. She told me when I was ready to go in and wash off, put on clean gown and then she'd take me up. I remember though not feeling like I could get clean enough,(tmi) the blood was just pouring at that time. I think I put the sleep shirt I labored in, a nursing bra, my own support panties and some spandex shorts on when I got to my room. I really wanted to take a bath though but my husband had to leave and he wanted me to rest while he was there and I wasn't going to send the baby to the nursery after he was gone so I could shower. So I didn't get to shower until the next day around lunch when a friend came to visit. Then I put on a granny house dress until I showered to get dressed to come to home the next day.

I guess anything that is comfortable with snaps or buttons to nurse will work. My biggest discomfort would be not having support panties to keep my pads in place. A robe is definitely nice for coverage or a hsptl gown over your own stuff would work too.
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