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I wore nursing nightgowns, and I brought my own post partum disposable panties. I think kotex used to make them...anyone remember? If I were going to the hospital again, I'd pack 2 nighties, 2 nursing bras, a small box of Lanisoh nursing pads, and Depends...maybe enough for 3-4 days. I also like those stretchy cloth hairbands, and cozy socks. I have to pack a hospital bag anyhow, in case I have to transport. You might want to add a lightweight robe, at least knee length...longer if you don't feel like showing off legs that might want shaving. (I'm a vain cow!
: ) They like to have you walking about the nurses station, and I personally found that in a pretty robe you can shuffle about with some dignity, even after an unplanned c-section. I think that having my own things made me feel more like me...and less like a patient.
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