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Mamas with belly scars...SAVE ME!!!

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I know there are mamas who have been pregnant after sections and such out here....please, please, please save me!!! (and forgive me for whining for a moment...) belly scars aren't from a section, they're from an appendectomy in November. I didn't exactly get a bunch of time to heal, since I was already pregnant and I start to show early anyway.
Now my belly is about to erupt...which isn't comfy in any pregnancy...but those scars are killing me!!!
The seam on my maternity pants are digging into my scars, the elastic on my undies is digging into my scars, and the plain old stretching of really pregnant belly skin is trying to rip my scars open from the inside!!!!! Or at least that's what it feels like!

I've tried lotions, cold, hot, baths, oils, everything. Only two things I've found so far help....but....
Dh gets a little pissy if I spend 19 hours a day scratching o' my crotch area.
It's considered uncouth to walk around one's neighborhood in one's birthday suit.
So....any other ideas??? What did you do when it felt like the next kick was going to open your scar like a zipper?????
Save me from the agony!!!!!!!
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I'm not speaking from experience, since I don't have a scar, but...while you can't run around the 'hood butt nekkid, you could wear dresses without undies. Or try a different cut of undies?
I also vote undieless, helps a few other things to. My yeat infections really cleared up after going wthout for a while.
Yep...go for the bikini cut if ya can't go without. I just let my belly be naked as much as I can. I'm constantly pulling my shirt up :LOL My belly grew so fast with ds#1 that my skin ripped from where I had a belly ring before I got pg. I have 3 rips from it...hurt like hell. I would slop cocoa butter lotion on it and that helped ALOT. Hope it gets better
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I was thinking that some really light jumpers might be nice, you know the kind that hang on by the shoulders.

Have you tried one of those silicone scar revision sheets?
Or calamine lotion?
This is something I'm going to be dealing with too I think. I had an appendectomy this February which is when I found out I was pregnant. The incision took over 1.5 months to heal cause it coulden't be stitched up and had to heal itself from the inside out. All this to say that I've already got a pretty round tummy and I can tell the scar tissue is getting more and more ichy. So far I've done nothing about it but I guess when things get worse I'll be wearing lots of long flowy skirts and going comando. Hopefully that will make the ichyness/pain bearable!

Good luck!! I'm really curious what is going to happen to the scar tissue after the birth, I don't think it is gonna be pretty - do you have any expectations?
Ouch, I am so sorry. I feel your pain though! I had my gall bladder out years ago, but the stretching of the scars is terrible. Oils, creams, lotions, nothing helps. I have been putting Evening Primrose Oil on it lately, not sure that it will help either, but I have to do something!!

My surgeon tried to be nice and one of my scars was inside my belly button... well it is no longer inside my belly button and it has had to do the most stretching. I am really afraid it will rip.

If you aren't comfortable underwearless Motherwear underwear runs huge and the briefs go up high enough that they may be above your belly and not touch your scars.
I have the same thing! I had an ovary removed at 16 weeks, and it feels like my stomach is an enormous bruise...and it itches.

Keeping it moisturized helps (a little, with the itching), but I just make sure that I wear really loose clothing over it (it's a few inches both north and south of my navel) - no full panel pants for me! Light sundresses are the best.

Apparently wounds like this won't heal competely until after you deliver.
You need to massage the scar tissue! See a massage therapist, or get a book on deep-tissue massage to learn how. I've worked with post-surgery scars on clients and it's a simple technique; you can do it once or twice a day in the car (passenger
) or while watching TV. Scar tissue can bind layers of muscle and connective tissue together, and simple cross-fiber massage can loosen it up, and make it more elastic. At this point, it's probably tugging at the muscle it's attached to as your skin stretches. Ouch!.
ps~ tell DH to go suck his toe
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i've had good luck healing scars (not pregnancy-stressed ones, though) with vitamin E oil... you get the capsules at the pharmacy, poke 'em with a pin and squeeze the oil out. a little goes a long way!

good luck, mama...

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