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Hello Friends!

My dd21 is a college student and full time nanny. She works in the Raleigh, Research Triangle area and is questioning her pay rate.

She has nannied the same family for 2 years. She drives the kids around (permanent car seats in her car that she signed a contract not to remove), picks them up and takes them to school. She washes dishes, does laundry and will mop the floor when necessary. She organizes and cleans the kids bedrooms. The kids are 9, 5 and 2.

What is a fair wage for her. She is currently making 14 per hour.

She LOVES these kids. The oldest is oppositional defiant. The oldest is very hard to handle. My dd has offered to go with the family to attend physcologist appointments with the little girl in order to make sure she is handling situations properly( the girl already goes).

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The best way for her to know if she is being paid at an acceptable rate is to research what other nannies are being paid in her area (possibly go on some interviews and see what is being offered?). How many hours a day does she work? Is she compensated for gas/mileage if it is her car she is driving the kids in, is she given expense money so she can do activities with the children? I think the most important issues are does her wage meet her financial needs, is her rate within the local area's range keeping in mind one of the children is "special needs" and is she happy in her job?
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