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So my plan was to try to have a baseline mammogram after DS2 weaned, and then hope to get pg for a 3rd time. But I was poking around here and read that one can get an ultrasound instead of a mammogram while still bfing. This way, I wouldn't have to wait till he weaned (I'm in a bit of a hurry to get on with things, will be turning 38 this month and have other high risk issues on top of being "old").

And for that matter...can a person do the breast u/s during pregnancy and would it be accurate/effective/safe?

And most importantly, does the ultrasound serve just as well as a mammogram for the baseline that we're all supposed to get around this age?

Also, where do I go/who do I call to get something like this set up? We recently moved to a new area and I don't have a "main" doctor yet...


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I had a breast ultrasound when my twins were about a year old. I was told to bring the twins with me, so that right before we did the ultrasound, I could allow them to drain the breast as much as they could. They seemed to think that this would give them the maximum amount of visibility. They also seemed to think that a mammogram would be next to impossible while I was still nursing, which doesn't sound right to me but I don't know much. Anyway, mine was to look at a lump, so I don't know anything about baselines. I hope you figure out a way that's best for you.

I had to get a referral, from my regular doc, to a "breast center" at the hospital.
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