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Man, people are weird!

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Dd goes to a very good daycare, probably one of the better ones around, the only problem is, even here there is no way of avoiding mainstream ideas!

This morning I came in and they were putting up new pictures for the children to look at (mommy's, daddy's etc.). This one was of mommy in hospital bed, baby far away from her in one of those infant things (looks like one of those preemie warmers) and daddy smiling at baby. Now what kind of picture is that, that's their idea of a happy family?????

Why not baby in bed with mommy at home, nursing and daddy
smiling at baby? Now that would be too much of a happy family plus you can't show bare bb's to little babys now can you?

Man, why don't people understand this???

Sorry, just had to vent.

Sad mommy,

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Maybe you can find a good one to bring to them?
We have pictures of DS in the hospital bassinet. The nurses were LTAO at DH taking so many pics of a sleeping newborn. We also have photos of him in my arms, nursing, at home, being held by his grandmothers.... You photograph what you've got.

When DD was born we got photos of her being held by grandmothers, her local aunt, DH, me. We have one of her nursing which is now framed....

Just because their circumstances don't meet your idea of the ideal birth situation they shouldn't take pictures or be proud of their new baby???? For all you know they wanted a home birth and the choice became hospital birth versus funeral(s)---not very likely, but still possible.

I consider home births lovely, but had I tried that I might not be here, or be here but short a child or two. Even when less than ideal, the happy events of life deserve to be remembered on film. A baby is a happy event, no matter where or how he/she entered the world.
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Sorry, Meiri, didn't mean to be offensive. You are right about not everything being an ideal situation. Of course a hospital birth can also be a wonderful experience!

The reason I didn't like it is because these pictures were not family pictures from an actual birth but "staged" preprinted ones about 1ft x 1 1/2 ft you order from a catalog or something to hang in your classroom for kids to look at.

All the pictures that are in the classroom are like that, I guess I was just hoping for some more AP stuff in this place.

It is not a happy thing to have a newborn separated from its mother. I would be horrified if such an image were up on the wall for small children to look at. They are going to think that that is normal and natural and the way things should be!
I agree with Kavay. I would want to rip that picture off the wall and replace it with a picture of a mother and baby in bed together, breastfeeding. That is the image that children in this country need to see.

Of course all parents should be proud of their baby. That's not the point. Not every image should be put on display for small children to see. How about a picture of a woman having a c-section, making these impressionable children think that that's what birth is?

What if the people in the picture DID plan a homebirth, but ended up in the hospital? How would these little children know that, or even imagine that it might be the case? Even in the hospital, you don't have to leave the baby all the way accross the room from its mother.

I completely agree with the OP. It is a sad, sad image.
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Well I won't go so far as to call those sad images, but I wholeheartedly agree that they Must be balanced out with ones like the OP suggested: ones of Mommy Holding and Nursing baby, Daddy Holding baby...

Staged? As in that's how they had the hospital photos taken?? That's different. Only official hospital pics I've seen have been close ups of the baby, but then we didn't do those either....

Kavay, I wasn't offended, just wanted to present the other possibilities, having experienced them despite our wishes otherwise...

Do you have pics you can offer to share with the place? We have one of me nursing DD and it's very obvious she's nursing, but the girls aren't showing either.
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