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March '05 babes, now they're toddlers!

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Ok, I will start a new thread. Let's talk about our toddlers.
I have some new pics (Zak, can't wait to see yours). Quinten had two birthday parties and loved them both. He is walking and saying a few more words. His favorites are "bid" for bird and "baby". He gets soooo excited when he sees a bird or a plane he just about falls over. Funny, on the day of his second birthday party (actually several weeks after his birthday) he said two new words and really took off walking w/ more confidence than ever. It was such a wonderful day for him. Here is a link to some pics from this month
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Aw... Quint is so cute! You know, his hair and Reid's (I'm now actually using his middle name vs "the boy") hair are VERY similar. Is his hair "reddish"?

Here are a few pics:

"more, more" - signing "more" for avocado at his birthday dinner (fuzzy, but you get the drift)

stealing my cracker

Hooray! I'm 1!

Homemade Organic Birthday Cake - YUM!

Avatar size - St. Patty's Day - me and Reid

Looking forward to your pics!

No walking. Crawling and standing. (I never thought the day would come that he'd actually crawl on hands and knees, LOL. He just started a week before his birthday). He's expressing himself more. Signing a little (more, eat, waving, nurse). We are still mostly nursing - he gets solids w/ me during the day - but small amounts.

He smells so good. I could sniff his skin and touch his soft cheek all day long!

I need to go to bed! Snuggle up with the boy!
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Just wanted to say hi ... I just started to frequent this forum for the 1st time, because, yeah, our 1-year-old is starting to sprout up! Amazing!
Wow! What adorable babes - I mean TODDLERS!!!

Bubbles - I love the picture of Quinten on the car and the one of him next to the flowers - so sweet! By the way, if we are having a boy we are still considering Quinten as our name choice - hope you dn't mind another Quinten running around!
I know I trold you we picked that name for Kiera if she was a boy and so far we can't find anything else we like as well!

Zak - Your son has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!! And I love the "stealing my cracker" picture! Kiera often steals food from me and eats much better if I give her stuff from my plate. Thanks goodness I LIKE broccoli!

Kiera is still not walking but she is sooooo close - she took like half a step to me the other day. She is getting frustrated that she is not walking yet - as evidenced by the piercing shreiks when she falls down. I *think* it will be any day now! She is SUCH a flirt and charms the pants off people everywhere we go - grocery store, bank line, the bus...I have such a ham!

We got nursing/family photos done when we were in AZ and they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I will give anyone who wants to see them the link and password if you PM me.

Well, off to do more schoolwork!!! Lovechild - are you graduating this May? Take care ladies! I will post pictures as soon as I can download them to the computer - my USB port is broken so the camera won't connect properly!
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Zak, what a cutie! Those eyes
. Quinten does have reddish hair. It was getting pretty red for awhile but now seems to be getting more blonde. We will see what happens. Did you know that Reid means red hair? Interesting about your little guy.
Steph, I pm'd you about the pics. Can't wait to see others that you upload too. I don't mind at all if you use Quinten for your next one. How are you doing? I hope you are feeling well. Gosh, I can't imagine being pregnant. I have my hands full w/ Q, my almost 5yo and my 17yo nephew I am raising. Although it will be tough in the beginning it will be so cool to have two little ones close in age. I think it gets easier as they get a bit older and really interact.
I forgot to say above that while Q is now walking, he never crawled. I know a lot of babies who skipped crawling to walk early but he just skipped it and waite. I will say that although he gets into more now he is much happier being mobile. He is really a busy guy. His favorite thing is the toilet so we have to keep doors closed until I can find some of those locks. I never had to babyproof w/ Miles but I sure do w/ this one!
We just spend the past two days visiting friends camping at the beach. The boys had a blast. Q loves the water. He wanted to stay in all day.
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Thanks for starting the thread, bubbles. But oh my, we've got toddlers now?!?! Milo is pretty darn close to walking. He's been walking along things and with his wagon for over a month, and this week he has been trying to walk on his own, taking two or three steps then falling. I also see that he is getting frustrated with not being able to do it, Steph.

Milo has been signing more. He does dog very frequently (his first sign some time ago). He also does eat a lot, which mostly means eat but sometimes water please or I want that. He also just started signing more and dance

Love the photos of Q and R. PMing you Steph. I also have some neat pro photos I'd PM to you all if you are interested.

Hi crescentaluna! Welcome!

Originally Posted by bubbles
Zak, what a cutie! Those eyes
. Quinten does have reddish hair. It was getting pretty red for awhile but now seems to be getting more blonde. We will see what happens. Did you know that Reid means red hair? Interesting about your little guy.
His Papa has RED curly hair.
That's why we chose Reid. One book said "Son of a Redhead".

His goes between looking reddish and blonde. We'll see.
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I cannot believe our babes are ONE! Crazy. And I can now officialy say my little one IS a toddler! He took his first steps on March 19th, the day after he turned one and has been walking a little more each day, but crawling is still cooler...sort of
He loves to hold someone's finger when he walks most of the time, but less and less lately. I almost cry everytime he walks though- he's just so sweet!

He still only really says "mama" and "papa", but he talks his own language ALL THE TIME! It's SO sweet
And it's starting to sound more and more like words. He's so cute! And he has been begging to go outside! It's super windy today, but we went to a park anyway. He loves being outdoors!
And he points at everything! I really love this age! I thought I'd miss his babyhood so much, but I love how interactive he is and much fun he is!

Here he is:
Drivin a tractor at the Please Touch Museum
Walkin at the zoo with his Great Grammy
Bein a goof with his Grandma
Huggin the table with his mama
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I just wanted to say how cool it is to find other kids born on the same day as my ds. He was born 3-9-05 (the best day of my life). He started walking on his 11 month birthday and is now practically running! Still not saying much - he says mama and dada but not really directly towards us. He points to everything and shakes his head yes or no when we ask him something. I'm sure he'll start talking when he's ready. It's nice to know that March 9 is a special day for so many other people. Take care!
Hi, joeysmommy! My Ellery's birthday is 3/9, too. She's not quite walking yet, but she thinks she can!

Good to see we're keeping on with the thread. I'd miss hearing about all of your babies if we didn't! Cute pictures, all!

We're loving spring around here. We take walks and admire the flowers (Maya loves daffodils, Ellery prefers tulips), and on that occasional really warm day, we go to the park! Fun!

Ellery's doing well. She actually hasn't gained any weight since six months--in fact, she's lost a few ounces. We're trying not to worry, as she was such a huge six-month-old. Our doctor is really laid back, and isn't concerned at this point. She has grown taller, at any rate, and her head is still growing.

Hope the rest of our tribe will check in!
Jacob's not really gained any weight either, Serena. I think we're in the same situation, a big six month old slimming out. He has grown inch-wise though! (My mom looked it up in my baby book: he and I were the same height at one year of age. If he follows my growth curve, and we double the height at two to predict his adult height, he'll be 6'! This is a big deal, as my dh's family is all REALLLY short.)

So, um, hi guys.
I haven't been on MDC in ages... RL biting me in the rear.
That, and Jacob's just everywhere... as someone warned me, I'm in trouble. He likes to climb things, and we've already had a couple of close calls, including his managing to wiggle out of the straps of his highchair and then climb down the side.
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Welcome to the new March mamas!

I'm almost done with school- yep, I'm graduating in May. Have you already graduated Stephanie or will you be done in May too? How is the pregnancy going? I hope you still have tons of energy, this toddler stage seems to require it!

Grey took his first steps on April 2. He's been cruising the furniture for a while but he took 4 steps from the coffee table to the couch that night! He hasn't taken many more...but I can tell it'll be soon. He's still really into crawling since he just started doing it at 11 months!

Great pics everyone! We do have a lot of redheads huh? Grey's hair looks bright red in the sunlight. Lizzo- I love that itty-bitty Bob Marley t-shirt!

Grey has lost weight since his 9 month check-up, he's down to 32 pounds.
He just got active all of a sudden.
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Good to see you again, Patchfire!


Originally Posted by Patchfire
He likes to climb things, and we've already had a couple of close calls, including his managing to wiggle out of the straps of his highchair and then climb down the side.
*Sigh*. Ellery did something similar today. We have this purple infant-to-toddler rocking chair. It's got a kickstand to keep it stationary, and a great little seat belt. It's always been my "strap-em-in-so-I-can-go-potty" seat. And guess who somehow managed to flip herself out of it today and bonk her head on the floor? She's so much more active than my older daughter!
**personal question to those who are already pregnant or who nursed through pregnancy or who became pregnant while nursing**

Are you still nursing? If yes, how's it going? Do you think your supply is enough to not have to worry about "other nutrition"?

The reason I ask is because it's been our plan all along to TTC so our children would be 22-26 months apart... but I'm getting cold feet. I really want to be pregnant again and have children close in age... but I really don't want to force an early weaning if Reid isn't ready. KWIM?

I know it's totally possible to nurse through pregnancy and tandem nurse... but would I have to be more concered w/ "other nutrition" because my supply *might* not be enough to do the job on its own?

Right now the boy is still mostly breastfed - I'd guess 80%. No dairy. No meat. Just fruit and veggies. We nurse on demand - so it's really still lots. Every 1-3 hours day AND night.

I'd love to hear from you who have been through this before or who are currently pregnant/nursing - or who had to wean because of pregancy.

Part of me wonders too... you know how easy it is for someone to say "I couldn't BF" - in those early days... is the rate of "I couldn't BF during pregnancy" - limited to "those" who think that way? Am I saying this right? If you are 150% dedicated to nursing - can you MAKE it work while pregnant just like you did for your March baby in the early days? (I hope that came out right). Is it a mind over matter type situation?

Anyhow... I'm interested to hear from others... our main reason for wanting this spacing is because we really feel that we'd love to have 4-5 children... and we don't want to be old-ish parents (we are currently 26 and 27). So if you figure I give birth at 25, 27, 29, 31 and 33... that's pretty much when I'd like to be "done" - or so I think now... sitting pretty at 26. <smile>

I'm rambling now... <shut up already>

Ok. Your turn.
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Yey!!! My little girl took her first steps to me tonight!!! Woo-hoo!!! We are so proud and excited - so was she! She didn't go to bed until almost 9pm!

Jen- Good job with school - I know you had a tough time and I am so proud of you! All of those late nights paid off!!! I am not done yet - I have my comprehensive exams on Saturday and I am done with my coursework in May but I still need to write myt thesis. I will hopefully flyu back here next spring to defend my thesis and be done then. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Zak - I am currently pregnant and still nursing, I have had problems with my supply, however, and it has been a little difficult at times. Kiera was still EBF before I got pregnant and now she is eating more but prefers to nurse. I am giving it my best shot, but the hormones during pregnancy do cause a woman's milk to dry up even if she doesn't want t to. I know there are a handful of women who get even more milk or whose milk does not change, but I do not seem to be one of them. I also have been told there are herbs one can take during pregnancy but the safety of them during pregnancy is iffy so I am just letting my body do its thing. I have my good days and my bad days. It is definitely painful to nurse at night when my supply is lower than it is in the day. I hope to make it through the pregnancy and tandem nurse. I also hope I answered your question!

Off to study - maybe not - someone's crying for Mama!!!
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Thanks for the reply! I hope your studying goes well!! I'm hoping your tandem dreams come true!!!
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I'm new to this thread but thought I'd jump in. My name is Nici and my DS Cooper was born March 1st. I can't believe he's one now! No walking yet but he's getting closer every day. Its seems like every day he's learning more and doing more and I'm constantly amazed. Its so fun watching them grow and learn. I'm loving it!

Here's a few pics of him.

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Nici and Cooper! Your pictures are just lovely - what a cutie!!! Welcome to the March Mamas TODDLER thread!!! Still can't believe they're one either!!!
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Hi Nici! That picture on the bed is hysterical!
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No walking here yet.Stellaria took 2 steps the other day but she isn't really trying too hard to walk yet.Her fav thing to say is woof woof when she sees dogs.So cute.

I'm nursing full time still with no problems at all.Full supply,no pain.Stell nurses about every 1/2 hour and during the night as well.I nursed all of Stell's pregnancy with my then 3 year old dd with no problems either.

Nice to see you all i will try to get some pics up but first need to buy batteries!
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