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Hi! I'm due by my own calculations March 2nd. This is pregnancy #5, baby #4.
I started spotting July 7th, the day I turned 5 weeks. I've been bleeding ever since. I went to the Dr. and they checked my levels 3 times and they doubled every 48 hours like they should. So Monday I had an ultrasound and they saw a sac but said I was too early to see anything else. So I will have another in two weeks.
So based my HCG levels and the ultrasound, it appears I'm only about 6 weeks right now instead of 7. However I know I'm right on my last menstrual cycle. The nurse said I could have ovulated late? Which that doesn't make sense either bc I know when I conceived.
I've had no clots or cramping and it's not heavy bleeding but it's making it hard to get excited, bc I don't know what to expect.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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