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March 27 - April 2 Update Thread!

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It's Monday morning.

And the bean's still cooking...

I'm gonna go shopping and see if that doesn't make me feel better.

Welcome to another week, ladies!
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Still here. Still pregnant.
I'm 39 weeks tommorrow and so ready to have this baby! I walked around all afternoon at the mall yesterday with my mom hoping it would make me have contractions but all it did is make me really uncomfortable trying to sleep because my low back and low abdomen were sore. I'm 'not allowed' to have the baby today according to DH, because there was a major construction accident in the middle of the night on a suspension bridge (not even started being cleared up yet) which is the only way to get to where we live. So he's stuck out in traffic trying to get to work and if he was to try to come home if I was in labor it would probably be a REALLY long drive, let alone there is no way for the MWs to get here
So no baby allowed today! Not that I think he's ever coming out at this point anyway....
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I also have that feeling that it's *never* going to happen... and then I start thinking of this being the last week or even the last 2 weeks of no baby... and all of the sudden, it scares me how SOON it seems to be! I just can't make up my mind!

I'm kind of having a week like that, too, when it would be extremely inconvenient if the baby actually did decide to come. I'm expecting contractors at the end of the week, my new dryer is being installed on Thursday, and my mom is coming on Saturday. So, baby, if you are listening, please stay put until next week!!

Hang in there, everyone! Thank goodness the birth stories are beginning to trickle in - it's something to give us all hope!
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Hi! I'm so glad to get in on the start of one of these threads...usually I forget until mid-week, and then I get so caught up reading everyone else's posts that I just don't post!

So here I am, almost 38 weeks. No signs of labor AT ALL, and I'm still planning on going at least a week or two over.
Nothing like being pleasantly surprised, right? I am glad that we got to do a practice run to the hospital this weekend (see my other post), because although DH keeps saying he knows where to go, he asked me everything we had to change roads.
Now at least I'm confident he could get there without my help.

My 17 month old has decided to start skipping her morning nap, which I knew was coming, but is very bad timing for a tired mama. So I am still in my pjs 'cause I was hoping to sleep when she did, but it looks like that's not going to happen, LOL! Guess I should get dressed. And write my grocery list. And get my packages ready for the PO. Aw man, and I was hoping for a restful day!
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I'm fairly chillded here, only 37weeks and not expecting this little one to arrive until 40ish weeks. Still have quite a few bits to do before s/he arrives, nothing essential though so at least I don't need to stress

s to all the mama's near term and desperate to be holding their little ones
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I am on a cleaning FRENZY! I don't know WHY, but I'm hoping to go before my April 7th due date. All three previous births have been late, late, and VERY LATE! (The last one I was the earliest date on my expecting board and the very LAST to birth~LOL!) Anyway, I started realizing that my house was in such a state that I probably wouldn't ALLOW myself to go into labor early due to discomfort in the level of cleanliness. WELL! Today a whirlwind has begun! LOL! I think I might feel a little differently if I were birthing in the hospital, but since it will be HERE, I want it clean! *I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi
I hear ya. 39 weeks tomorrow as well. I'm trying to work out what's keeping Baby in at this point.... DH got a one month extension on his job, which means we dont have to rush to sell the house so fast, Everything is finally ready for Baby (ok, diaper pails would be nice... so would those fastener things, but really, we're set!), the house is clean, work is in order, it's springy out (horray!), I'm feeling good-- well rested, not stressed, etc....

BUT Baby's Auntie who realllly wants to be at the birth is out of town til THursday. DH thinks Baby is waiting for her to get back, but then Baby's OTHER Auntie leaves the next week for business.... so we've got a narrow window here..... Auntie #2 invited herself over this Friday night-- I'm thinking she's going to try to convince Baby to come out before she goes on her trip.

I dunno, though... I'm convinced Baby will decide to come during the NCAA Final game ...GMU will be about to make history, and we'll miss it. Ha! We did miss the Rose Bowl for our first birthing class, so it would only be fitting.

I had **energy** on saturday, so we went out and had a nice day downtown-- doing all kinds of "oh, we've always wanted to do X" before we leave Seattle! It really is a great town. Sigh. Oh! and get this-- my Uber Cute Belly got me free stuff at a posh drug store type place in Madison Park. The gals just were ooohing and aahhing (it was very springy out-- I think everyone has spring fever here!). It was cute.

hugs to all!
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I'm getting excited, though only about 35 weeks here... I've been nesting like crazy for awhile and ended up sleeping the whole weekend. I'm still taking mag-calc to stop my ctx because I want this bean to stay put until its done cooking... I've been so convinced that this is a boy, but now DH and DD are convincing me its a girl!
Only 2 more days of "work" left. I'm looking forward to having some time for just me and & DD. We're going to go to the zoo and a petting farm and this weekend, DH and I are going to a spa as a gift from his parents. They're going to stay at our home and look after DD and the pets! What a treat!

Sending out easy labor vibes to all of you ready to go!!!
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Howdy y'all. Checking in and saying hi.

Major nesting going on here. Our house hasn't looked/been this organized since I don't even know when! Still lots to do, but the most important stuff is done. Bedroom is organized and cleaned, birth altar is set up, most of my hb supplies are ready to go. I only need a couple of random things from the drugstore and also need to get all the sheets/towels/etc all freshly washed and folded and set aside, then we'll be 100% ready to go.

I'm 38.5 weeks and feeling pretty darn tired, but can't seem to just sit and relax. Got lots done this weekend, so maybe this week I can rest a bit more. I'm sort of afriad I will run myself ragged until it's time for labor, and then I'll be exhausted. I guess that's a good reason to get off my butt and get the rest of this stuff done, so I will have some time to just chill in preparation for the big marathon.

Pretty much ready to be done being pg. The belly is waaaaay cumbersome and I'd much prefer to be lugging around a baby in a sling than lugging this belly around anymore.
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Still pregnant here too. I am ready any time to meet you little one
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Well Hello Everyone, I too am still pregnant but have been having a few small contractions in my back but there's no pattern. (I hate that feeling when your about to start your period- just yucky etc...).

Went and viewed my MWs house last week. I was totally bumbed out. Ya, its nice to know that no one else lives there except her but .... Her birthing center is down stairs- it's pretty open- there's a small living room area with a giant fireplace- not much to entertain yourself with. (Large windows from the ceiling to the floor with no curtains.
: )There's a small camper sized refrigerator, one coffee pot- then you walk into the birthing room- A very LARGE wooden bed with 8 pillows. This bed is so huge that I had to make a jump to get on the bed and I'm not even short! I guess the thing that I'm most diappointed about is that I'll be birthing in a regular small bath tub. (There's no way the water will even cover my lower belly). Now how am I going to be able to push when I need to? and what about having my DH joining me in the tub? There's NO way. PLUS I'm paying her $200.00 bucks to use this place! and I need to still supply all my medical supplies, pay for her food and her assistants, my husbands food and then my special diet of yogurts- things that have high protein, etc... What if I don't want to eat? Plus she made a request the I bring sandwhiches, cheese and crackers and fresh fruit.
Who has time to get all these things when one is going to give birth?

My MW act's like its no big deal but it's one to me. They act like I'm going to enjoy being there and being able to sit on the pot to do pushing, laying on the bed to push etc... I just want to stay in one spot. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to hold out till the last moment before I go see her when its time.

Anyway, sorry about me complaining- it seems like that is the only thing I do these days. I'm finally done with all my baby showers- The one thing I never received was a diaper bag.
So I went out and went shopping this weekend. It feel's so wonderful to get out of the house. I hope I never have to be on bed rest again.

Well, I'd better get this posted and get to eating something. ~boovert
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Baby's still cooking, and the belly keeps getting in the way of everything I need to do around the house - laundry, cooking, dishes, whatever. I'm only around 35.5 weeks. Ugh.

MIL is being annoying again. She says she's in negotiations for a job at the hospital that's 6 miles away. If she gets the job, I might as well divorce dh (even though I really don't want to) because he can only be expected to handle one wife. MIL demands a *lot* of attention - FIL's been a dolt the last few years. It's starting to get bad.

Finally got the baby clothes and stuff rewashed and put away, along with the newborn diapers. Now I'm trying to crochet up a bunch of longies.

Was disappointed that Grey's Anatomy was a rerun last night. I thought it was supposed to be a new one.

I did get my girl scout cookies the other day. We already polished off 2 boxes between the 3 of us.
At least I bought a few extra boxes and hid them away for later.

Then I have a giant list of stuff I need to finish before the baby gets here. I should go start on something since I'm only goofing off right now.

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Hey everyone
Still pregnant here too, & hopefully will stay that way for another 3 weeks so Sydney can finish cooking. It's so hard not to wish for time to speed up, especially with all the little ones starting to pop out, but I'll deal ( compulsively shopping

Physically things are better... my bp went back down to 100. Must have been the stress from our fire & my husbands' trial that got me ramped up. Very thankful things are back to normal.

Had some really horrible things happen over the weekend. A group of friends of ours who rent a house in Seattle threw an afterparty in their home late Saturday night. Early Sunday morning one of the attendees, who nobody knew, went out to his car, came back with a shotgun and semi-automatic handgun and opened fire in their home killing 6 people injuring two. One of them was a good aquaintance of ours who we've known for 6 years. He lived in the home and was shot in the torsoe while on his own couch. I am so sad for my friends and devastated something so sensless could happen to such a good group of people. I am also endlessly thanful my husband and I, who haven't been out in 9 months, were enjoying a nice "boring" evening being pregnant at home.

I'm so tired of thinking about it. I'm hoping by typing it out I can purge myself of all related thoughts. I know it sounds heartless & I'm sure all affected wish they too could shut everything off for a while, but I feel like I really need to crawl in my cave, ignore the rest of the world and focus on my little baby. Since I don't have reporters camping on my lawn to draw my attention I'm going to try my damndest to do so. My friends have enough on their plates with the investigation anyway. Nothing cures grief this size and being pregnant and emotional certainly doesn't lend itself to being emotionally supportive of others.

Somebody tell me it's ok to be completely selfish in times of crisis? I've survived several deaths of loved ones & there is nothing more patronizing than someone who wants to "fix it." Am I thinking about this rightly? I've sent my love. What else can I do?

I'm so totally in need to girl scout cookie action. Sweet DH brought me cookie dough and ice cream last night. Sweet man! Distraction via sugar! Fantastic! Sydney will be born wide awake, that's for sure.

Peace & love

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boovert- that sounds so weird about your MW's house, and that you have to pay for food for them, etc.! I am birthing at my MW's home, and she literally is opening up her home to me, we will be in the very nice master suite etc., and she will feed us a meal before we leave. This is for no extra cost, it is actually more convenient for *her*.

Carley- I think I heard about that shooting on the news! How tragic! I am glad you were home and safe.

I'm 39 weeks today, feeling fine. Felt kind nesty yesterday, lots of BH (especially when my dd nursed), but it didn't turn into anything. Which is fine, I'm hoping for an "April" baby!
(I know it's silly, but I really want her to have an April birthday, so I'm not too anxious to get her born right now.)

My MW came today... unfortunately she is *Still* posterior, and lower. I think she had turned after last Monday, but then turned posterior again two days ago. So I will try to get her to turn again! My MW said not to be too anxious about it, just spend some time on hands and knees, and try the cold/warm thing. She said that sometimes a baby will have a good "reason" for being in a certain position, and that she has birthed posterior babies before, or ones that have turned very late kinda thing. Still, I don't want to go through back labor!!!
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Yummmmm... Girl Scout cookies!!!!

Am I the only late April mama checking in??? C'mon not-yet-FT-mamas, check in! Keep me company!

Originally Posted by Carley
Somebody tell me it's ok to be completely selfish in times of crisis? I've survived several deaths of loved ones & there is nothing more patronizing than someone who wants to "fix it." Am I thinking about this rightly? I've sent my love. What else can I do?

Oh, sweetie. I was just reading about that. how awful.

Not only is it OK, I think it's the BEST THING FOR YOU AND FOR BABY. Please do. Schnuggle up, enjoy the sun, and eat tons of GS cookies.
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Wow Carley. I don't think it's selfish to think this way. It's something you need to do. You can't let something like that affect the protective environment built around your baby. It's just a natural reaction, I think.

I am doing better this week. Due in 2 weeks.
I am walking fairly horribly now and incredibly slow, but I'm finding good ways to deal with the tailbone pain. When walking I remember to have good posture. It sounds wierd, but I have to hum/sing to distract myself while I'm walking and keep myself going. Also rocking motions, pelvic tilts help a lot while moving. I think this is going to be a large part of my labor when it comes. I bought a heat pad and popped it on my tailbone. Hopefully it isn't bad for the baby on low, because it feels incredibly good. It's great because baths became painful for me this weekend.

This weekend I had an awesome contraction. Yeah, I was actually excited to have it. LOL Because for the first time instead of crampy feelings, I felt this surge down from the top of my abdomen, like a ripple and then shot all the way down... kind of painful at the end. It sounds silly, but it was just amazing to experience something like that for the first time. I do feel really silly though admitting it.
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I am sorry to hear about your friends. I heard this story on the news and it was so bizarre. I hope you find some peace. If it makes you feel any better, I do not think you are being selfish - you need to take care of yourself and your little babe.
Oh man selfish. That case has been all over the news here in Portland.

Black Orchid - I am not due till the 20th...still cooking.
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