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March 27th weekly thread

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So how is everyone now?For some reason i have had a return of morning sickness even though i was fine for 2 weeks.Eggs are so making me gag!Nursing is still going well.I upped my nursing sessions and am drinking nettles,alfalfa and rrl.I hope i don't lose my milk!My dreams have been getting crazy and either involve the world ending or something to do with the ocean.Weird.I'm searching for a new home right now and hopefully we will find the right spot that will be great for birthing a new one and setting up home for all of us!I think i may have felt some movement the other night.I love when the babes move
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Well, defnitely dry nursing here and getting very uncomfortable with it. I hope I can hang on for a few more months till some colostrum comes in. I really don't want to wean dd, but I'm finding myself avoiding nursing her when I can. She's only doing a couple times a day anyway, but still...

I'm eating like a horse, although that seems to be letting up a little bit. Food aversions include all raw meat and red tomato sauce. Cannot be around either :puke

So there ya go--my update.
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Most of my food aversions are easing up, and overall I'm feeling pretty good.

My attention is mostly grabbed by our upcoming move and my husband's new job. He gets paid paternity leave (six WEEKS!), but he's loathe to take it so instead he's requesting his vacation time around my due date. I keep telling him I plan to go to 41 weeks and am prepared to go past 42 (I was born at 42w4d) yet he asked for two weeks of vacation starting about 2 days after I'm due. So there's that stress. Also the stress of his new job schedule, he'll be doing shift work much of the time -- when looking for housing, should we get a place with a room for a nursery so that I have someplace to put the baby for naps without disturbing him if he's sleeping during the day? How will that affect our expenses? (I was planning to go bare-bones with just a cosleeper or bassinet and very little baby furniture.) And where on earth am I going to birth this baby? The county hospital? The birth center that might be as much as 15-20 miles from whereever we find a place to live?

OK, I'm unnecessarily working myself up now so I'll stop. The good news is that we're starting to find a decent selection of rental houses with 3 br and 1500 sf plus a garage for his bicycles and a yard for the dog and babe, so we should be able to set up our home quite comfortably.
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I'm just starting my tenth week and I've been extremely nauseated all day today and this is after yesterday where I was worried that I wasn't feeling sick enough...
I know this day will end with some serious :puke
It's so hard to be a patient mommy when you feel like this. I feel so bad for my poor son...
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My nausea isn't so bad this week... I keep hoping it's just the cycle of things, rather than that the baby isn't developing like he should after my serious bout of food poisoning. I know I'm silly to worry much about it, but this pg just feels SO different than #1. I was sick as a dog for the first 4 months with dd... I've been a little green about the gills this time, but nothing compared to last time.

I'm also trying not to get stressed out about work. My committment at my present job is over at the end of May. I'll be a blimp and much less able to find employment looking obviously pregnant (not that a potential employer would actually say so, but really now...) I have a job interview tomorrow for a good job in a town about 50min away. Its twice the distance I drive now, but its doing exactly what I want to do. I'm just worried about breaking the baby news to a new employer. I'm thinking I'll probably tell them if they make me an offer, but not before.
I may be putting the cart before the horse, but I am the primamry $ maker (dh is self employed and trying to start a new business)...without a decent job, I'll not only be out a check after May, but out of Health Insurance too.
Please say a little prayer for me about the interview tomorrow. I'll keep y'all posted.

On the bright side, I was sick enough last week that my business suits still fit comfortable (mostly).
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My food adversions are still many, I'm mainly living off of smoothies.

We are having housing issues as well, must be in the air.
: We actually have a house that we live in, and one that we rent out. I made the decision several months ago that we needed to move to our in-town house (the other one is in the country), the country house involves so much work, all time that DH doesn't have working 70+ hours a week. We need to live in a house that I can run by myself because no matter how hard DH try to be home, it just doesn't happen. Anyway, we finally got the renters out last Saturday, and the house is trashed.
: We had to rip out all the flooring in the entire house, holes in walls have to be repaired, the entire inside has to be repainted, we are looking at a mininium of 10 grand to get it livable. Money we don't have, but I can't continue to run 10 acres by myself. DH is freaking out, he wasn't happy with moving to begin with, plus he has to leave next week for business.

On a good note though, it looks like I found a midwife for my home birth!
I'm going to met her next week, I'd better like her since she is the only one in the area.
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Mostly well here. Actually REALLY sad today, but yesterday was a SUPER day... so I guess it's sort of balancing. hahaha
Sick. Just plain sick. All day, every day.
I'm feeling much better in the morning sickness department, but I find that I get worn out so easily! I spent most of this lovely spring day out with the kids, running errands and visiting friends and family. By 4pm I could barely move. I changed into my pjs by 6:30 and fell asleep at 7:30 until nearly 9. Go figure!
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I'm doing well this week but am soooo tired...I almost fell asleep playing with Kiera today!
I am eating like a horse and it seems to be helping my milk supply. When we were in AZ, my Mom kept saying stuff like, "You're eating AGAIN?" and "Be careful not to eat too much - that eating for two thing isn't true." I just kept smililng at her and eating even more!
I have been craving CHEESEBURGERS of all things (with extra pickles!) I swear I had like one every day last week. My husband thinks it's hilarious considering I craved spicy V-8 and string cheese with Kiera. He keeps telling me my inner-carnivore has been longing to escape! (I was a vegetarian until halfway through my pregnancy with Kiera). So any-hoo...enough of this long, rambling post...Take care...
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Stephanie, I loathe cheeseburgers! Funny, isn't it? And the funniest part is that I couldn't stand them in Declan's pregnancy, either.

That is to say that I craved them between weeks 4 and 6 or 7, then got sick and couldn't even look at them. We have a bunch of 'Roadhouse' burgers in the freezer upstairs and I can't even look at the box without feeling sick

I did crave mustard a few weeks back, though. I'd have to make a sandwich with some type of coldcut (I know coldcuts are on the 'nono' list these days - they come up with new things all the time) and put loads of mustard on it. Weirdness...
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I'm 10 weeks now. I still feel sick in the evenings. Especially if I eat any meat. School started back for the quarter on Monday and it's kicking my butt. I go full time and one of my classes is 2h15m long. My back hurts so bad by the end of class. I am so tired when I get home that I can barely read or do my homework. Then I fall asleep around 9.
I don't get to see Sophie as much as I would like. It seems that between school, going to bed early and studying that I'm "too busy" for her.

My sister-in-law had her baby yesterday. My other sil had her baby at the beginning of the month so my inlaws are getting 3 grandbabies this year.
My mil is encouraging me to vbac. I really want to and plan on it but having her encouragement to vbac and do it all natural is really nice. My own mom had 2 sections. The second was an elective repeat, so she doesn't get why I don't want to just schedule another one. My mil is the best though. She had 4 babies all naturally and bfed each for awhile. She's all earth friendly and frugal too so I really look up to her. It's like were becomming much closer now.

Does anyone have a good support person? I mean my dh is very supportive, but outside support is nice too.
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Ok,weird my morning sickness has come back with a serious vengence!It was gone for two weeks and all the sudden i am real sick all over again.I upped my B vitamins but it isn't helping.This is so strange.With this being my 5th pregnancy this has never happened.Night is when it is the worse.Maybe i should get some liver tincture.

I mostly have been craving pickles wrapped in cheddar cheese.Meat is grossing me out,salads are what i have the most of and eggs are so yuck right now!

I see the midwife next week for my 12 week check up.Today i am treating myself to a cranial sacral appt.I can't wait!
I hit my second trimester last week!! Yipee! Nausea is still pretty bad and I'm gagging HORRIBLY but not throwing up very much. I've managed to gain 20 pounds and think that I look really puffy right now and am DYING to start feeling better so I can get outside and walk and exercise more. I started having some ligament pains with coughing (jeouch!). I'm so big that I'm already in maternity clothes and relieved to just let it hang out.
I am still nauseated out the wazoo. Aversions are worse. I am around 13 weeks, and I am pretty sure I was better by this time with my daughter.

Luckily I meet someone nearly every day who was sick for all 9 mos, or 7 mos or something really scary like that. I do not want that to be me!!

The erotic dreams are a blast.
When I was preggo with the Dyl I had sex once. Yes, once. the day I went into labor, to speed things up. This time If I didn't think it would make me seasick and my husband hadn't just cut his hair into a mullet, I could actually probably enjoy it. So, I've had these sex dreams about everyone! Exboyfriends, men I don't know, men I do know, women I don't know, women I do know, my husband, two of the contestants of American Idol. It is weird.
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Originally Posted by Evergreen
The erotic dreams are a blast.
When I was preggo with the Dyl I had sex once. Yes, once. the day I went into labor, to speed things up. This time If I didn't think it would make me seasick and my husband hadn't just cut his hair into a mullet, I could actually probably enjoy it. So, I've had these sex dreams about everyone! Exboyfriends, men I don't know, men I do know, women I don't know, women I do know, my husband, two of the contestants of American Idol. It is weird.
(With an english accent) You naughty little mynx...
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It wasn't Kellie!
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How interesting everyone's PG is progressing.

I thought my MS (which takes place in the evenings) was gone, I had a few GREAT days and then it's back. YUCK! Smells are still driving me crazy. I'm eating less meat, more cottage cheese, cheese, beans, eggs etc. Meat is just yuck still. And I wish I would start liking veggies again. I just don't want anything to do w/ them. I tried forcing myself to eat spinach which I love, but it was just gross to me. I'm with AMB8301 on the smoothies...they taste so good to me. IF my midwife's scale is right...I have gained 13 pounds. THIRTEEN POUNDS just seems like a lot at 13 weeks-I hope her scale is wrong.

Been having some tightenings going on (BH I suppose) on & off-not consistant at all.

I haven't had the unmistakable feeling of baby since last week, but have had some of those..ooouu what's that? type of movements. I can't wait to feel this little one more consitantly.

Glad to hear everyones doing mostly okay
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We're having housing problems, too. Boo. We found a fabulous flat to rent from September, and were in the process of drafting a lease agreement, and then the owners decided to "take the flat off the market." Extrapolating from the facts that they live in Utah and have a large family, I suspect that they decided they didn't want to let us live there because we are unmarried procreating sinners. Argh. I'm just frustrated because it was perfect. I visited on a sunny morning, and was excited thinking, "our baby could be born in this sunny living room."

I am having "evening sickness" lately. I feel pretty good up to about 3 or 4 pm, then just gross for the rest of the night. And my upstairs neighbours are the noisiest people on the planet, usually about midnight, so I haven't been sleeping very well.


The good news is that I finally get to meet my midwife on Friday!
I've been fine, really tired and hungry, but that's to be expected.
I think I've gained about 5 lbs, which is depressing, b/c I've really tried to eat healthy (I gained 60 lbs with dd and took 2.5 years to get it off). Jeans are tight, I will be in the next size in a week or so. I just can't wait to start showing so I can let it all hang out in maternity clothes!
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