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March 31st Vancouver Mom and Babe get together this Friday

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Just thought I'd start a new thread for this week, so none of us get confused, especially if we're just checking this thread out for the first time.

it looks like Rain every day this week

There is an awesome Cafe called Kokepelli's on Dunbar and 30th, with a wonderful play area for the little ones, and even a little sink in the bathroom...
but alas, I know it is far for many of you, but perhaps sometime we could meet there.

I'm open to anywhere on the eastside though.
Rain Rain go away.
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i like the weekly thread idea. Kokepelli's works for me. I'm debating the fibrefest that day which starts in the afternoon so a morning meetup is best for me this week. 10-12 again?
Kokopelli Cafe Inc
4593 Dunbar Street
(604) 228-0818
I'm going to have to pass on this week's meet up in favour of Fiberfest. Maybe next week?
I'd love to meet up with everyone, but my dh has our only vehicle until 2pm everyday...although I could take the bus

I live in Coquitlam alllll the way downtown is a little far for me...keep me posted if you decide to meet anywhere closer.
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well my mil will be here Thursday, but i may have to come anyways, i'l just tell her i already have an appointment booked, hehe.

I'm really looking forward to some better weather too so we can meet up outdoors. i think ds #1 and i got a bug from the playpalce on Friday.

About Kokepelli's, that sounds great to me. Location isn't a big deal for me, as long as they are family friendly, and dont kick us out.
Kokopelli's sounds good to me too.
Kokopelli's on Friday at 10ish is great for Finn and I. I think they said rain today and its been pretty nice here all day.

This is off topic - does anyone have suggestions for baby shoes that are ok on wet terrain. Finn wears Robeez but I find they get a little wet these days - he's keen on walking on wet sand, wet grass, etc.

Also, we used cloth diapers (motherease) before moving to Vancouver and haven't really been using them since arriving because of laundry difficulties in our rental. Can anyone recommend a diaper service (just until we get into our condo with ensuite laundry)


Sarah, there is only 1 service in Van, we used them when ds was a newborn, they were alright i guess. I forget what they are called, but it shouldnt be hard to find them.
They are called Diapers Naturally. I used them for a few weeks, and it wasn't the best, but better than nothing. Even though I didn't like the diapers, it sure was nice having someone else do the laundry
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i won't be able to make it this week but i hope to see everyone the week after. have fun!

This Friday 10-noon
Kokopelli's is across the street from Stongs Family Market at 28th and Dunbar, I think It's right next door to a pet supply store, and is the last block when heading south that has shops on it, the following block is the Dunbar Community center, which we could always head over to if the weather is nice!
We will definitely not get kicked out, as a mom opened the cafe specifically for families.
Hope to see you there,
i am sorry, but i wont be able to make it either. Charlie is getting sicker, not better. I thought he would be all better by now, but no such luck. i will try for next week though
oh bummer Lisa, hope everyone is feeling better over the weekend.
ok so how does everyone feel if we go? Arlo puked on Monday and has had diarrhea for a few days.....he's been fluish but without a cold. I'm not certain we'll make it out anyhow but also don't want to feel responsible for exposing others to this ickyness. I'm feeling fine by the way (and man do i hope i haven't jinxed that!)

We are sick too
I was really looking forward to it but we both woke up with colds yesterday. Cora seems better already but I am getting worse. Maybe I should drink my breastmilk
I think we got it from a baby up the street who was sniffly. I would hate to expose anyone, so we'll be staying home. I hope next week works out!
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Unfortunately Finn and I won't be meeting up with you guys today either. I've been feeling under the weather all week and yesterday got a nasty rash on my arm...we think its shingles. Hopefully we'll make next week's get together.

have fun today

ok...see everyone next week.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
yup, turns out dh and i got what ds got......definately wouldn't want you all to get that! So next week then.

Ella, i think we had/have the same thing, and i think we got it last week from the family place. It is turning into a cough for the kids, and i am achey, and have a horrid headache, so i assume the kids do too.

Hope you and your brood feel better soon.
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