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March Mamas #4 -- It's October

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Can you believe that we are all finally fully entrenched in the second trimester. There were days it felt like it would never get here. Gone for most are the morning sickness, but new aches and complaints will surely arise.

When are the March Mamas due???

dancinggirl 03/02
Boobiemama (Angie) 03/03
bebe luna 03/03
MissPiggy 03/03
Citizenfong 03/05
2girlsmom 03/05
Penguinlady 03/06
Sahara (Steph) 03/06
livelybaby 03/08
Sparklin 03/08 Yea, she finally knows!!!
lemon 03/11
Jish (Beth) 03/12
fiacre 03/12
Dnr3301 (Rebecca) 03/12
gina 03/13
jster (Jennifer) 03/14
DandelionCrown 03/14
Mum2sarah 03/14
coloradomom 03/15
willowsmama 03/17
PumpkinSeed 03/21
Phoebe 03/21
Oceanone 03/22
thyme 03/22
kirstie 03/23
embalene 03/24
BathrobeGoddess 03/25
mamaMAMAma 03/26
PinkSunfish 03/28
indigolilybear 03/28
moom 03/31

Let me know if I've screwed up anywhere. If there is anyone who needs to be added, let me know.

Here is the link to the prior month's thread:
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Okay, now my actual post. I've been reading lately, just not posting -- too busy it seems. We have picked up so many responsibilities since school started that it is nuts. But here is my latest complaint -- I CAN'T PEE!!!!!!!! I thought it was due to the Unisom (evidentally that can be a side effect) but I don't think that's it. I think it is how my uterus is laying on my already twice birth battered bladder. Saturday night I woke up after a glorious three hours of sleep (the most I had gotten in a row in ages) to find that I couldn't pee no matter what I did. I was pushing so hard that I thought I might accidentally push the baby out (not really, but it's the same kind of pushing.) It was awful. I tried peeing standing up, on my hands and knees. I stood on my head for a few minutes but nothing worked. I was really afraid I would have to go in for a catheter, but I didn't want to do that. Since this is an ongoing thing I didn't want to have to go in every night for one.

Finally after more than an hour I was able to push out tiny bits of urine with each straining push. I thought I would have terrible hemorroids when all was done, but I didn't, thankfully. At the end I was just begging God to let me pee. I have never had such a frustrating time before. The same thing happened with my second pregnancy, but it would only take about 20 seconds and I would be able to pee. This is just nuts.

It seems that it only happens when I am in the same position for around three hours. Now, to ensure that it doesn't happen anymore I am having to drink like crazy at night to ensure that I wake up about every hour to hour and a half to pee. I get about 25 to 30 oz of water down every night. It really sucks, but at least I am able to pee easily and fall back asleep in just a few minutes. If I go for two hours it will take me a few seconds to pee, and I have to push the whole time my bladder empties, so I try to definitely not go any longer than that. My doctor has me taking manditory afternoon naps to try to get as much sleep as I can. My worry is that the depression and anxiety will start to creep back and I'll have to go back on the Zoloft again. I really want to avoid that if at all possible until after birth. My episode last year was triggered by sleep deprivation, so I'm trying my hardest to stay rested.

I have an ultrasound scheduled on the 16th of October. I was debating not doing one, but my five year old really wants to see the baby, and now, I want to find out for sure if it is my uterus that is causing my bladder problems. I'm hoping they will be able to tell. By this time with my second it was better, but my second birth screwed up my bladder quite a bit and it is quite low. I'm afraid that after this one I could be looking at surgery in my future to hike it back up to where it belongs. I just want to be able to pee without thinking about it. It really screws with life in general. I have to be careful about traveling so we stop enough so I can pee, and I can't be on the computer for too long without getting up or I can't pee. It just sucks. I never thougth that peeing (or the lack thereof) would take over my life.

Anyway, other than that I've been feeling pretty good, although tired.
: I know that my problem is minor compared to many, but if you could all say a prayer that I get my normal bladder back I would really appreciate it. This is really stressing me out.
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My latest problem is entirely my own fault. I have very little to no appetite most days, so I am apt to forget to eat for long periods at a time. So twice now I waited WAY too long to eat and my blood sugar plummetted with truly yucky results. The first time it happened I was in the kitchen fixing a very late dinner, and I was overcome with a wave of intense nausea. I ran to the bathroom and threw up, then was really shaky the rest of the night. Had to force myself to eat a little dinner. Then it happened again yesterday. Ugh! I feel terrible and drained for at least a day after this happens. Dh is so mad at me, gives me lectures on nutrition. I know, BAD MOMMY. Most of the time I just do not want to eat. Gee, wish I had this problem when not preggo. Have I done irreparable damage to baby?
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thanks beth for being our organizer.
beth, i too am having peeing issues- it takes me a really long time to eliminate a really small amt. of pee- i don't feel as if i have an infection- maybe it is due to my uterus pressing on my bladder- that makes sense- as your uterus grows and migrates a bit upwards, isn't it likely to alleviate some of your discomfort? hope so.
anyway, all is ok here- tried to have a somewhat normal day here and was quickly reminded i couldn't- felt pressure and aching and --not sure how to describe it- i'm really nervous about amnio. tomorrow- wish i didn't have to do it- wish me luck all-
write more soon
Gina, I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope that all goes smoothly for you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

As for the peeing, I think that the inability to pee actually comes from the uterus sitting on top of the ureters -- the small tubes that carry the pee. I keep willing this darned kid to move up and off of it. It's also on my bladder cause I have to pee more often. I guess that's good since it keeps me from going so long in between that I can't pee. Thankfullness for small things I guess.

Got to go pick up the kiddo from school, but wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you Gina.
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Welcome to October, everyone!!

My midwife appointment yesterday was really nice, I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and being treated like a real person who knows things and has good ideas! Doctors just never have time for that...My midwife said that I might be measuring big, but maybe not because I have a short torso, which is true. We'll wait till next time to declare anything...And I think after talking with her we'll probably go ahead with an ultrasound. It will give me some peace of mind. Last time I had it at about 24 weeks, because we decided a little late in the game to get a 20 week u/s, but now I'll get to chose when. Anyone have suggestions?? It probably doesn't matter too much, but still fun to think about. I really am glad that I'll get a little peek at baby, and under much more desirable circumstances than my dream!

Beth and Gina, sorry on the hard to pee thing! Sounds miserable! I've been experiencing a bit of the opposite, now that I'm in my third week of this chest cold, sometimes if I haven't peed in a while and I have a huge coughing fit...oops!! I'm going to try and do more kegels, hoping that will help, but I think mainly I just need to pee more often. Anyways, have you tried coughing on the potty? Sure seems to work to get my pee out

Artemesia, how scary! But I'm sure you HAVEN'T done irreparable damage to your baby, most likely you are just putting additional stress on your body that you can correct now that you know what the problem IS. Are there any easy snacks you could try to have on hand, like presliced apples dipped in lemon and smeared in peanut butter? Or something else that you could prepare early in the day, and have handy for when you don't like to fix stuff but need a quick fix?? Good luck and let me know if you need more suggestions, I can usually come up with lots of yummy's meals I have a problem with!!
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I have peeing issues of my own. It seems I can't always get it all out at once. I feel that I have completely emptied my bladder, then end up back in the bathroom 1-2 more times within 20-30 minutes.

I am feeling the baby kick quite a bit now. It seems so much lower than what I remembered of the early kicks I felt with ds. Anyone else feel the baby kicks lower than in your first pg??
I know that when I had my first midwife appt 4 weeks ago, she said after my pelvic exam that it seemed like my cervix was "riding low". I asked her why that would be but she said she didn't know, but not to worry.

I have another appt next Wed. so I will ask her again about all this.
I also have an u/s scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I did not have one w/ ds, but am truly excited to get a peek at my baby inside me!!

I too have spaced out on eating and had bad blood sugar reactions~ queeziness, dizziness, & headache.
I have been craving protien like crazy. I am quite relieved, as I was pretty much repulsed by all protien up until about 2 weeks ago.
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Beth. . how awful! I will definitely be thinking of you and praying for pee! (Same to you Gina!). I am having similar pee issues as bebe luna.

I too have been reading a lot lately and not posting much.

I had my second mw appt today which was so nice. We talked for an hour or more, and I got to meet her apprentice. THe apprentice is the oldest of 9, a farming family. Mother and father both vets--so she has seen plenty of mammals be born! She is very young and sweet. Anyway, I'm measuring only 14 weeks (based on LMP charts, I'm 15w3d). I've had a feeling all along that a March 21 due date was a little ambitious, so I'm thinking more like at least March 26 or 7. (Jish, can you put me down for March 27 on the list?).

I've gained 9 lbs so far! Of course, I'd rather have gained less, but I know from previous experience that I'll be able to lose it all (and more) fairly easily after the pregnancy is over. I started this preg at the lowest weight I've been at in my adult life, so maybe mother nature just wants more reserves on me! I have an U/S scheduled for Oct. 29. Dh & I have decided to find out the sex of the baby this time since we did not before, and this is our last planned pregnancy. I also want to have the diagnostics done.

My mw recommended that I see a chiropractor for the pelvic pain I'm having. It's been really intense for about a week--I'm having trouble lifting my legs, rolling over, getting up out of bed, etc. This is much worse than it was with ds.

Hope everyone else is well. There were so many posts in the last few days of Sept., I know I wanted to respond directly to many of them.

Gina--will be thinking of you tomorrow!
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Celtic Pee Blessing for Jennifer, Jaze, Colleen, Beth and Gina
(To be read out loud with a Lucky Charms' Accent)

May the pee ye be feelin' in your bladder
Be the pee ye be seing in your toity
Not in ye panties or trapped in ye bladder
May the pee ye be feelin' give the sewer great joy.

There, I hope that helps somehow. Sorry you're all experiencing PPPP (Pee-pee in the Potty Problems). Hope it clears up soon and you all feel the sweet relief of pee-pee in the potty.

bebeluna -- I usually feel the movement low, too. Every now and then I'll feel something that feels like it's up around my belly button, but I think it's just digestion. Usually it's all down low. Now, are you feeling full kicks? I feel flutters that sometimes feel a little bit stronger.

Yogamama -- Glad your midwife appt went well. Gosh, I bet that apprentice will make a great midwife someday. 9 pounds gain is great! I think weight gain spells success! Of course not gaining weight's ok, too. Just like you, I trust our bodies know what to do.

I am still under my starting weight, but I'm not worried. I'm sure I'll make it up. I lost 7 pounds and now I have 5 more to be where I started this pregnancy off at. Last time I was under my starting weight until the mid/end of the 4th month. So, bring out the pizza, I'm lookin' for food! (Although at the moment my empty cupboards give me the options of sweet potato fries, brown rice or creamed corn. Can we say carbo loading? I need groceries!)

Gina -- you'll be in my thoughts for tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly and the results are quick and happy news!
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Gina~ you are in my thoughts for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

Sorry that some of you mamas are having bladder problems. I am sending healing vibes your way.

Just also wanted to say thank-you for the replies I received. I have had a couple of days to really think things thru.
I have just come to the conclusion that wheather I took the u/s or not my chance of having a heathy baby are the same.IMO.

In about another 5 months I will be holding my sweet beautiful healthy baby girl.

I just have been really trying to let my self feel good about this pregnancy and I can't wait for DD1 to meet her new sister. I can't wait to smell her ,to hold her close to me, to nurse her and to just love her completley.
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dancinggirl, you shouldn't make me teary-eyed first thing in the morning! I've been having a lot of those same images lately, it's hard to believe there will really be another little one to love in a few months, huh?


You are in my thoughts today, wishing you the absolute best of luck.

Sparklin', mmmm creamed corn! A throwback to my mom's Alabama cookin'. Why is it your posts seem to send me straight to the pantry for a snack?

bebe luna, I am feeling some low kicking, too, sometimes it feels like the baby is tap-dancing right on top of my cervix!

Jster, Yay! for the great midwife visit. Good prenatal care seems like such a luxury these days! We did a late u/s with our first baby, and the technician told us that one reason it's better to do it during the 18-20 week window is because that is when the doc's are used to reading the scans, so they are less likely to make mistakes. Are there certain things you can see during that period that won't be visible if you wait too much later?

I've been feeling so much better the last 2 weeks, I've managed to get back onto a regular walking routine of 3 miles, 5 days/week. It's all I can manage with DS, as it is on rainy days I have to play a video for him so that I can walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. It's a small sacrifice of his brain cells, I hope!

Well, take care everyone, here's to a great second trimester!
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Hi ladies! I've been so busy lately (my husband got laid off last week - uggh!), that I haven't had much time to respond to all the posts.

I'm feeling good, my appetite has finally kicked into gear, and I've finally gained a whole pound. I, too, am having pee issues. I've found a warm bath, and a cup of tea often helps. And trying to remember to drink plenty of water. I can't drink water straight these days. It has to have some fresh lime in it.

I love feeling the baby moving now. Oh, and we decided on names!!! River Teagan for a boy, and Evelyn (Eve) Morgan for a girl.

I'm working on my DONA doula certification. My first couple is due at the end of this month. It's very exciting!
this is a tip for those who pee and they are back in the bathroom a few minutes later. actually a man told me this and i always remembered to use it...... when you pee lift your belly up and it will help to lift the baby off the bladder. that way you can empty it more completely. seemed to always work for me. i don't know if this will work for those who are having a hard time peeing, but it's worth a shot. of course, it really works when you are in the last tri and you have a baby to hold up!!!

Have a good day moms!! I'm heading out this weekend for a week camping trip with my male brood along the shores of Lake Superior!! So hello to all you Michigan mama's. Going to take a side trip to Mackinac Island too!
I was up with dd last night. Sudden low fever, crying so hard she threw up. I'm tired. Dh helped out a lot. I even got up to throw a load of laundry in. I hate the barf smell. At least I'm not feeling nauseas anymore!! Yay for me!

I'm not have pee problems, that sounds horrible. I'm seconding the "pee thoughts" going out to you! Have you tried in the shower? Although in theory I find peeing in the shower gross, when I'm pregnant, I can't help it. The warm water hits me and out it comes.

I want to eat, but not cook. And lst night dh made ravioli for diner and used a sauce that was unacceptable to my palate. I was grumpy the whole time. I appreciated that he made dinner and how was he to know that I owuld all of a sudden find that particular sauce yucky?

I'm trying to eat 90-100 grams of protein a day to stave off the borderline PIH that plagued me last pregnancy. My BP is already a little high for what my mw wants, but since I didn't hvae it taken when I wasn't pregnant, it's hard to say that it's preg induced or just normal for me. My understanding is that if it doesn't go up, I have nothing to worry about (other than the normal borderline high BP problems themselves). Unfortuneately, I don't think there's much I can do to keep it totally under control other than lose the excess weight I've carried around for most of my adult life and I can't exactly do that right now.

I'm thinking of making banana bread today in a effort to heat up my house. So cold and still no possiblity of heat, still have those disconnected radiators!!!
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Oh, lots of pee problems! LOL I sometimes have a problem going, especailyl if I have to go really bad and have been holding it, then it seems like the baby is in the way.

Well, we just moved 2 days ago, still moving actually.... The house is a disaster, I cant find anything, and I am supposed to start homeschooling my son ..... I have decided we will start our lessons on monday, giving me time to organize and then have the lessons ready.

My body is tired and achy.I got away with only lifting 3 pieces of heavy furniture. Things my hubby just couldnt get on his own.
So now I have more achy pressure in the crotch. I doubt it is caused by the moving, I think i had it last time at this stage, but all the extra work sure has me sore.

My dr appt and ultrasound is next week. I cant wait. I really want to know what this baby is. I think a girl tho, so we'll see.
I still havent felt the baby moive. I am 18 weeks. when I am laying down, sometimes I can feel a hardness at the surface of my uterus, I assume it is the baby, as when I push on it it moves away, I cant feel it move, but then it is gone. I just want to feel my baby, so MOVE now you baby!!!!

I am off to unpack some more. We bought our very own place, so we dont plan to do this ever again!
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I also forgot to add that I am changing my due date (at least here on the board, lol) to March 12. It's funny how much more in the loop this group here is about the specifics of my pregnancy than even family and close friends IRL are. Most here don't even know I got an ultrasound and we aren't changing how we answer the "when are you due?" question. It's still "Mid-March" and not giving specific dates unless directly asked.
Hello ladies...
I haven't been posting much on this thread, but I really enjoy reading all of your posts! Just wanted to check in and say hello. My pregnancy is going main concern right now is a pretty silly one and it's just that I don't "feel" pregnant much anymore.
I haven't felt the baby move yet, and my first trimester symptoms are fading. So, now I am in the "twilight zone" of pregnancy I guess.

I'm also not having the Dopplar at my appt's and that is really hard, because I REALLY want to hear the heartbeat and confirm there is actually a baby still in there!! (I miscarried my first, but didn't find out until 12 weeks, and didn't pass anything until 16 you can see why I'm paranoid!) Anyway...can anyone just reassure me that I am doing the right thing by not using the Dopplar?? I've read all the posts about it, and I want to take all precautions. My midwife doesn't know how to use a fetoscope... so I guess I'll just be listening on my own a little later.

Glad to hear others are having weird peeing problems too...mine just comes out in spurts sometimes. Very odd.

bebeluna...just wanted to say how much I admire your healthy way of eating. I was reading on the good eating board and you are truly and inspiration! I'm working on it!

Sorry to be rambling on and on...guess I just needed to talk with someone!

have a great weekend!
edd 3/29/04
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I'm sorry you all are having problems peeing!

I cannot keep my pee inside. I need depends!!! I have to carry clean underwear and pads with me everywhere I go because I'm always dribbling. If I sneeze or cough, well, I might as well get into the shower.
Hi everyone,

I am sorry that everyone is having such problems in the wee department. My own wee problems have cleared right up now and I am feeling pretty good.

Best wishes to Gina for the amnio, I am thinking of you and hope all goes well.

I am feeling more 2nd trimesterish now. All the nausea is gone (except for a strange spontaneous vomiting of my dinner on Monday night. One minute I was fine, the next I was face in the loo - weird).

I have been teaching myself to knit and have made two little hats and am working on my first jumper.

We also have out first thing for the baby now. I visited a friend who has a 4 month old yesterday. She gave me her popup crib which she never used. It is so cool, fits in a little bag the size of a dinner plate but pops up into a lovely little travel crib. It will be very handy for us when visitng our familes later on.

Best wishes to everyone.
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Hey there Jish -
Sorry about your pee pee problems - I've definately had some very slow flow - but with very full bladder, but nothing like yours - sending my best wishes for full recovery.

My estimated due date is March 24, 2004.

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