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Mare's eat oats and doe's eat oats

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I am starting to do some recipes from the Super Baby Food book, namely the Super Porridge. I eat porridge everyday and wanted to start giving my babe some too. I'm starting with oats, since that's what I eat and I already have them. Is there any nutritional difference in buying rolled oats vs. whole oats? The ingrediants listed on both bags are identical, and the rolled was once whole. Do you loose any value if you buy the oats pre-rolled? Before I cook them I have to grind them to a powder in my food processor anyway. Hmmm......any thoughts out there? Thanks in advance,
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I don't know but I love that song...

and little lambs eat ivy
kid'll eat ivy too - wouldn't you?
I think you should buy the purest form possible. My kids loved that porridge, BTW.I didn't end up doing it as much as I origionally planned though. I find a coffee grinder works great. I wpould also try blending it with other grains.
one more thought- if you ever want to use any rice, I get the Lundberg sweet brown short grain organic rice in bulk from the bins in Whole Foods. It has a sweet taste and kids love it.
Thanks! I love that song too. Wish we had Whole Foods up here in Canada though...
rolled oats have been flattened with a steam roller and the husks taken off so not only are they missing the fiber but they have also often been heated a bit. So whole oats are better, nutritionally.

That being said, I always eat rolled oats because I don't have time to cook the whoel ones.
Buying them whole lessens the chance of rancidity.
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