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When can/should a baby start having marmite? and does anyone know anywhere that I can get more information on the health bebfits of marmite? Thanks!
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I use Marmite/Vegemite, but the kids don't really care for it...yet, I hope. It's loaded with B vitamins. Here's a link to Vegemite (pretty much identical to Marmite):

- Krista
OMG I used to eat marmite as a kid!!! I totally forgot about it. I didn't think they had it in the US. I'll have to look for some, I'll tell you if I find it.

Originally Posted by MotherWhimsey
I didn't think they had it in the US. I'll have to look for some, I'll tell you if I find it.
Most of the supermarkets in this area have it, especially Whole Foods. But even when I lived may up in Vermont, the little general store carried Marmite.
I dunno, both my kids gobbled it up from about 12 months onwards, spread *very* thinly on a rice cake or cracker. We
Marmite! I figure it must be in our blood as our kids love it straightaway (we're from S. Africa where we basically grew up on the stuff) and I have not seen too many U.S. families take to it so readily.
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at Michelle1k

I'm from South Africa too. I LOVE Marmite.

DH is American and he calls it axel grease. He almost puked the first (and last) time he tried it.

DD, however, must have my blood because she likes it.
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We love Marmite. I started using it when DH & I were veg, and now that we've reverted to a more varied diet (no offense meant) we continue to use it regularly. I use it in stocks and soups, as well as to make gravy. We also use it on crackers and sandwiches.
There are few things more heavenly than a slice of toast made from fresh, homemade whole grain bread, topped with Marmite.
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I can't stand it, BUT I've been nanny in England and in the US (for a South African family), and their kids loved it. And I have heard that it is so healthy. So I figured if their kids liked it, my dd will like it if I just expose her to it early.
I'm just not sure how young is too young to let her have some. I though, maybe she could just have a tiny bit on her finger to taste (since we will avoid wheat products until she'd two). She's only five months now, and hasn't started any solids. But I was thinking of introducing egg yolks and possibly marmite as some first foods to taste. Any thoughts/suggestions?

I have only heard of it. I looked at the link provided and the stuff looks black. What does it taste like?
If it taste anything like molasses, I will never try it.
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No, it tastes salty - very salty! Like a rich, spreadable tamari almost. That's the closest I can get to describing the taste.

I second the marmite on w/wheat toast. Or with a sharp cheddar or cream cheese.... aaaah.
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marmite.I moved here from the UK 5 years ago and the stipulation for visitors is that they can stay as long as they want as long as they bring three to six months supply of marmite and pg tips tea!!!
I gave it to my daughter nd son at about 8 monthswhen they first chewed on is full of folic acid and other vits.My hubby(american)hates it,wont come near me when i am eating it and almost gags if he kisses me and I haven't told him i have eaten it!!
he is out numbered in this house tjough as the kiddies and I eat it at least three times a week and my last visitor brought over a marmite cook book!!!! he'd better watch out.

you can find it in the international isle at stop and shop and you can also order it,along with many other yummy English treats,from myers of even have clotted cream...mmmmmmmm must go and make some of Nigella's scones!1
ta-ra for now,
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I forgot that I have a jar of Vegemite in my cupboard... that stuff never goes bad does it? I like it on toast with butter.
Maybe my son would like it but I'm a little concerned about the sodium content? Or would that little bit really matter?
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