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Mary Rose's poem

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My husband and others have written poems about my daughter. SO I thought I would share what I wrote.

How I have dreamt of you
Imagining the softness of your skin
The blushing of your cheeks
How I have hungered for your laughter
Pictured your perfect chubby hands
Reaching for me, revelling in the knowledge
You are loved by me
How I long for the warmth of your body
FIlling the empty ache in the void of the
"C" that is my furled body & soul
Though I bear others, love others, cherish others
My heart will always have a hole
which only you can fill and make complete
Know that a piece of me
Will always be missing
My soul will always be searching
My womb will always be aching
For my dearest Mary Rose

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Gossamer, I told you this before, but your poem gives me chills. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Thank you all, your words are so kind. I was worried it might seem pretentious, but then I realized I didn't care.

Originally Posted by gossamer
Thank you all, your words are so kind. I was worried it might seem pretentious, but then I realized I didn't care.
good for you mama!!!!
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Pretentious? No.
Filled with love, honor, pain, longing for your daughter? Yes.
And you're right, even if it was pretentious, who cares. It's your outlet for this immense pain!

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Thank you for sharing that with me. Mary Rose is such a beautiful little girl who is loved so much.
I love the poem for Mary Rose. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I just posted a reply under "Wilkers8, we are here for you" and in my post I mentioned that I have her Connor and your Mary Rose on my calendar for this month.

I know that the 29th of this month is coming very fast...I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and Mary Rose ALOT!!!

About once a week I click on the link to see the pictures of Mary Rose and her mama. You are so beautiful Gossamer...and so is Mary Rose...

Love to you...

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Your poem is beautiful. All that love brings a chill through me. What a beautiful mama for Mary Rose.
That poem is so beautiful. The love is tangible...
Thank you for sharing it...
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I always open posts that have your name on them. I end up sobbing for you and Mary Rose every time, but I am always so touched by your love and pain. This poem was simple and beautiful. It shows your love for her as clearly as the picture of you holding her (I look at those pictures frequently, too.)
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You are all so kind and compassionate. Thank you for your words, and thank you most of all for letting me know that my dear Mary Rose is not forgotten although she was known by few.
Just a friendly bump for Mary Rose's birthday.

That was very beautiful. I only wish I was able to write poetry. Thanks for sharing.
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