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What's the rule for Mascara?

  • Always black

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • Match your hair color

    Votes: 9 39.1%
  • Match your outfit

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 34.8%

Mascara to match hair color?

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Ok, I have always been told, by my super smart mummy, who sells mary Kay, that mascara should match closely to your hair color. So when I do wear make-up(interview, photos) I wear brown or something like it. My mother wears black because she is a DEEP auburn.

My MIL, who sells Avon, said that's wrong and you should ALWAYS wear black. If that is the case WHY do they make different colors of mascara?

FTR~ this is a total fluff thread and not to be taken too seriously. So on that note...debate away...
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:LOL I don't think they make a mascara that is my hair color. I am a very pale natural blonde. Black doesn't work for me either, too dark for me, I feel like Tammi Fae. So I wear brown only on the top lashes, and not every day. I'm not really a make-up sort of gal. Dressing up is mascara and chap stick for me. I am so pale I feel like a clown if I wear anything more. And I am a dork when it comes to wearing it. I smudge and smear

fun thread
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
My hair is naturally dark brown, but i color it red. i love being a red head, it suits me, and my coloring well. i am very fair with freckles and hazely brown eyes. I always wear black mascara, MAC cosmetics makes a great one, and i also use navy blue, which helps when i am tired. it makes the white of my eyes whiter and the brown "pop". G*d, i do spend alot of time thinking about this, now dont i!

I could see where black might be a bit dramatic if you are super fair with light hair and pale lashes and brows, then i would probably go with the brown. but a good shiny black might work if you apply a thin coat and not gop it on, kwim?

i was just online at MAC looking at mascaras and lipglosses. its sick i tell ya, sick!

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My hair color changes too often- my mascara tube could never keep up...
I'm blonde and wear brown. I used to be able to find "soft brown" but now it seems they are all dark brown or black. Frustrating because of the aforementioned Tammy Fae affect. Gee there's no smiley for that.......
I go through spurts of wearing it. I used to wear brown - I have sandy blonde hair with a touch of red in it, with light blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. But, now that I wear dark rimmed glasses, I find that black mascara isn't too much. I just bought some black eye liner too... again, where it only when the mood strikes.
I just have visions of blue and green mascara.... I'm always a brown/black person. If I wear mascara that is....Which is rare to non existent.
depends on the mood, i rarely put my face on, lol:LOL
There is only ONE color of mascara for this punk mama- BLACK!!

BTW, my natural hair color is light brown and my skin is very fair, but black is the ONLY way to go.

lol ok ladies!! Speaking from a Makeup Artist point of view you are suppose to wear mascara that fits your skin tone meaning if you are pale redhead or blond you would normally go with brown. If you are darker you can go with the black brown. But if you are darker toned then you go with black. But then there are the colored mascara's that are to fun to pass up. I say wear what your comfortable in. Not many light skinned blondes or redheads wear blue or purple mascara all the time. Do what suits you best
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Oh gosh... I have very dark brown hair and usually used black mascara back when I cared about that stuff. Now I am the picture of a granola housewife but this little chat makes me think it might be time to import my blue eye-lashed self into my work-a-day life!
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