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MASSIVE post-partum hair loss!

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..Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm 4 months PP, and about 2 weeks ago, my hair started falling out in clumps. I have long, thick wavy hair to begin with (even before pregnancy), but now it's so thin and wispy.... I'd say pretty confidently that I've lost 1/3 of my total hair "mass".

I'm seeing the midwife today for my final checkup, so hopefully she'll have some insight.

In the meantime, the shower drain is constantly clogged, I'm shedding like a cat in summer, and considering a drastic haircut!
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I did the same thing after my first birth. It all came back in spades- I was a frizz head for a while , but my thick hair came back.

If you aren't still taking your prenatal vits, I would start them again, or make sure that you have a vitamin regimen, because it does help with the hair loss.

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I had that with my first one, but with the second kept taking prenatal vitamins and didn't have it as much. Third time around now, still taking prenatals, but also eating a lot more/better and no sign so far (7 weeks).

Good luck!
I'm 7 months PP and it's still falling out, but not as heavy as before.

Just keep taking prenatals and eating healthy. I started doing a thorough hairbrushing before showering, just to cut down on the drain-fall (LOL). It helped somewhat.
I had this for 6 months pp. It was everywhere. I had to wear it in an elastic at night since it would end up all over the pillow and sheets by the a.m. I got it trimmed at about 4 months and the hairdresser said she thought it was excessive. I figured I lost at least a third possibly half and it was super thick before. It stopped around 6 months and now I, too, am a frizzhead :LOL.
You might want to get your thyroid levels checked, they can get wonky after birth
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Well, my midwife agreed that I was losing a lot, but that it's normal for some women, and totally hormonal. I didn't actually start shedding until 3 1/2 mo. PP, and it's just increasing daily. She said it might go on another 3-4 months. Yikes.

Good to hear that it comes back eventually, though. I do think I'm gonna shorten it .

I'll look into the thyroid issue, too. I've had some major PP sleep issues (above and beyond waking babe issues!!)

I posted a thread like this when it started happening to me too! Seems to have slowed down although it's still falling out at almost 9 months PP. I had my thyroid levels checked and they were fine. I don't think the elimination diet helped though.
It started at about 3 mos pp for me, and now my dd is almost 9 mos and it has finally started to subside.
I get this after every pregnancy. I always have bald spots on both sides of my bangs, and thin hair...but it does come back!
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