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Mastitis-help needed

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Okay this is my situation, I'll try and keep it short.

I went away this weekend for a class that I had to take out of town for, my DH and DS came along. We flew and didn't get in until 2am
I was really tired, had to go to class the next day and my DS didn't sleep that great in unfamiliar surroundings. I have had ongoing issues with my right breast and I'm guessing what is a nipple bleb that refuses to go away. I've noticed that if I take a vitamin then this breast always gets a clogged duct associated with where the bleb is...I guess I just sort of assumed vitamins tend to calcify this spot, and so things seem to work better without. I was taking my prenatal vitamin-- Primacare One Softgel. A couple days before my trip I thought what the heck I'll try one of my older DS's flintstone vitamins with extra C, I know I don't have a great diet--it's just hard. Sure enough a clogged duct follows
Usually it will just resolve itself if I stop the vitamin intake, which I had--I only took one flintstone..maybe there's no connection and I'm just crazy but it sure feels like a connection. Well this time instead of a resolved situation--maybe the very little sleep combo added to it--I end up the next night drained of all energy, achy right breast and fever
I called my OB who Rx dicloxicillan, I started taking it on right breast feels perfectly fine now but I still feel awful. You know, the thing about all this is that the right breast just sort of felt achy like when you get a clogged duct, the clogged duct did go away like it usually does and once it did it felt normal again.

Anybody else have a similar experience? Do I even have mastitis, or just the flu? What should I do?

Thank you
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was the breast ever really red or hot to the touch?
If it is sore and you notice any red vein like marks near the nipple then it is likely mastitis. Can you think back to wether more fatigue than usual is part of the problem. If you are getting less rest...than you would normally, or are under more stress you are a prime candidate for mastitis. Instead of a multi-vitamin, try just taking a double dose of probiotics and use a potatoe compress on the sore area. I described to Becky how to do it if you go to her posting from earlier today you might find it helpful, I know I have.

Good luck!
You know, I just have to chime in and say that every time I take an advil (which is only once in a blue moon) I inevitably get a plugged duct. Isn't that weird? Kinda like your vitamin situation....
this page on really shows you the differance between mastitis and a plugged duct,
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