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Mastitis treatment

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Treatment for plugged milk ducts and mastitis

The following is an excellent remedy for plugged ducts and mastitis...seems like a few are in of some help.

1. Go to bed
2. Use castor oil packs...nurse on the affected side before applying the pack
Wet a cloth diaper with HOT water, pour on castor oil wrap cloth around breast, placing castor oil on sore spot.
Cover with plastic, saran..ot there, to help keep heat in
Cover with Heating pad and leave on for at least one hour three times a day. However..the LONGER the better. Some moms leave it on all night, wipe off castor oil before nursing
3. Drink LOTS of water
4. Take Echinacea, and vit C. If no fever add astragalus root, put a dropperful in EVERY glass of water

I have had mastitis in my 11 year nursing career perhaps 18 times, I have used the above solution 17 times and successfully treated without antibiotics. It is part of our mastitis and plugged duct protocol at the Lactation Center I work at.

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Thanks for your reply Mary. I cannot take Echinacea becaue I have Lupus and RA. What do you think of adding lecithin to prevent plugged ducts?
Mamanurse..Thanks for bringing up a great point. If you mange a autoimmune issue, you should avoid Echinacea and astragalus.

Although, I would still recommend the castor oil packs and maybe adding garlic.

Doula Mary- What do you think of lecithin? I'm going to ask my DO about it on the 20th, but I don't necessarily want to wait. I already take garlic, but I didn't know it was helpful for preventing plugged ducts.
Over the past couple of weeks, there were a couple of times when my one breast hurt a lot. Not excrutiating pain or anything, but when i appled pressure to a certain area it hurt! It got pretty red (proabbly from me poking at it lol).

Was that mastitis?? I had a suspiscion it may have been, so i did a lot of poking (which i think may have had the same efects as massage) and gave ds that breast more than the other one in hopes that it wouldn't turn into anything serious. So would that have been mastitis, or is mastitis much worse??
To mamanurse...sorry I forgot to reply to your questuin, I think Lecithin is great to help with plugged ducts especially if you are suffering from them constantly!

To eirual, it sounds like you had plugged ducts. Mastitis is an infection in the breast, and you can get really sick with it...Fever, shills, achy and tired...not fun!
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