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This is the fifth time that I have a mastitis and I have no idea why... My daughter is almost 10 months old and I'm still nursing her. But she gets distracted very easily. I never know if she's done nursing or not. She wants me to lie down for hours so that she can get on and off the breast as often as she'd like to. Well, that doesn't work because I also have a 3 yrs. old daughter who's very active. Anyway, is there anything I can do to avoid taking antibiotics?
Thanks for any advice...
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There are lots of threads in Breastfeeding Challenges, but here's what I did (I've only had it once). I lay down in bed with a heating pad on the infected area, massaged it as much as I could, and took a TON of vitamin C, on the theory that my body needed it to fight off the infection. Mine came on really fast (Sat morning sleep-in til 10:45 and I felt a little engorged then, and by 11:15 I called my doc to see if I could get in because I had mastitis to get a prescription for antibiotics just in case). I started taking the vitC ~11:15 and ended up taking ~60g in 4 hours (during those 4 hours I had fever/chills, pain in my breast and general achiness all over, and a temp going up and down depending on how long it had been since the vitC). I have sodium ascorbate vitC in the house, and I ramped up to taking ~6g every 15 mins. I had no idea anyone could take that much--I certainly never had before. But the fever/chills/body aches went away and I got better. The newest edition of the magazine has a story on mastitis (recurrent, sounds like yours) and that may be of help with prevention/treatment as well. Good luck.
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Increase fluids and stay in bed as much as you can. I like to have a crockpot set on low heat filled with damp flat diapers to use throughout the day as warm compresses. This helps me more than anything to deal with the pain. Nurse often. Until your breast feels better put off housework and errands.
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