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Maternity AM/PM Prenatals or another vit. with seperate calcium?

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Wtih my last preg. I took Maternity AM/PM prenatals. The calcium was seperate (to encourage absorbtion) and I could increase the calcium if leg cramps struck. Has anyone else used these? I can't find them now.
Is there another prenatal like it?

Thank you!!
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I've never taken the vitamins you mentioned, but I take another brand called Metagenics (PreNatal). The calcium is a seperate pill as is the potassium. Basically it's two packs a day. Each pack has three pills. I used them for my last pregnancy as well and they are really easy on my stomach. The only down side is they're kind of pricey. A one month supply costs $30.
I am taking PregVit.

It's 2 pills a day
- an AM one with most of the vitamins, as well as iron.
- a PM one with calcium, folic acid and a couple other things.

I also take a seperate calcium/magnesium supplement when I go to bed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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