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Maternity card

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anyone use 'maternity card' to assist with finances?
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Is that sort of like the CareCredit card? We used that to conceive this baby- fertility injections are expensive.
It worked well. I hated going into debt, but the end result was worth it.
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Never heard of it? Is it something through your insurance?
it's for women with no/crappy maternity benefits through their insurance. i have an HSA with NO rider for babies (dd cost $10,000+ - but was worth every penny, and we cant afford another pregnancy like that). maternity card isnt insurance per se, but they offer similar 'discounts' through their program. i was wondering if anyone used it, i was thinking about giving them a call
I wonder if this is something that will work for me being I have $5000.00 deductible.?
I have been wondering about this as well. I will have to subscribe to this thread.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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