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maternity clothes

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are you wearing them??

i just got this super cute red corduroy maternity shirt today at the thrift store near my mommas.. im wearing maternity pants that are pretty cute on the bottom but super dorky on top (those big ugly panel pants) but my new shirt covers it up as long as i dont stretch up.. and who cares right? i need some other maternity pants.. these are pretty much the only pants that i have that are comfy. i have one other pair of hip huggers that i have to wear a super tight bike tube belt with otherwise they fall of.. :LOL i really want to go clothes shopping and i dont even really like shopping.. but second hand stores just arent cutting it. i have heard that old navy is good.. maybe ill have to venture out there
: i so dont want to spend all summer uncomfy, but i also have a really hard time buying sweat shop clothes, but i cant afford to buy ethical stuff im only going to wear for 5 months... sigh!
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I have found Old Navy to be rather inconsistent with the quality. That said - I know other people just love their maternity stuff.

I haven't tried it, but some people have a lot of luck with ebay.
I've been wearing them for a tummy just..ya know...whoomphed! :LOL

ON is actually not that bad for basics - capris, tanks, t's - once in a while they have good other stuff (Acutally I bought a tankini the other day). I'm recycling my mat stuff from last time - still sick of wearing it from the previous PG.
My problem is I have 3 formal weddings to go to in the summer when I'll be huge...and nowhere sells nice stuff!!!
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the thing is i was as big as i am bnow when i was 7 months pregnant with elwynn.. so stuff i wore then just doesnt work and most of the stuff i wore then was normal clothes cut up and pinned :LOL i was kinda a punk..well i guess i still am, but i want clothes that work this time.. and maybe even look a bit nice. im going to be big all summer, so i want something. im going to check old navy and maybe some other stores and see...
Gap is a better quality than Old Navy but it's still sweat shop clothes. I had luck on ebay. Got a lot of 30+ pieces for $109... with shipping it was like under $4 for each item... pretty comparable to thrift store prices I think. Most of the stuff was old navy but there were motherhood pieces mixed in.
I agree that ON is inconsistent on quality. And they seem to always have the same colors of everything (at least from what I have seen so far this pg.) Plus it's so common/popular that you see other pg women wear "your clothes" on more than one occasion.
I have got lots of capris, T's and tanks. But I think for the heat of summer I am going to want to wear cute little sundresses. I know I'm saying that now and will probably laugh at the idea when I'm all huge.

I too am sick of my clothes from my last pg, the are just not my style anymore... plus I really had to try and save on the maternity spending last time but was so out of it I didn't even think of trying thrift stores
but last pg I was big in the winter so I have that excuse to buy more clothes. I was thinking of selling a bunch of my mat clothes on ebay this fall because they would be in season then... and I'll probably be in size large by then too.
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Ugh.. maternity clothes. With DS & DD I was fortunate enough to get away with wearing bigger sizes then winter maternity clothes (mostly tops over stretch knit regular dresses). This time I'm pg in FL in the summer and haven't one stitch of maternity clothing left (gave it all away or ebay'd it ALL... grrrrrrrrrrrr). And of course - I popped at 9 weeks. Blech.

I've done well (ok, well as in not spending a ton of cash) at Old Navy. I also bought a few things at Motherhood. The one thing I do like that I bought from Old Navy is capri style pants with buttoned-up bottoms and an adjustable waist (I buy my DS's shorts there for the same thing). I like them so much I bought another pair. I also have 3 of the tops that tie at the shoulders and are gathered across the chest ($14 a piece I think?) in 3 different colors
. OUr local Ross has some maternity that I'll have to check out.

But when I'm home with the kids you'll find me in yoga pants and one of dh's tshirts. Slob but comfy!
I'm huge this pg and I haven't even gained 10 lbs.
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Lucky you! I've fully been wearing maternity for about a month now, because when I'd wear other clothes there was lots of umm...spilllage that was really more attractive in a maternity shirt and more comfortable in maternity pants. I've also gained only about 8 lbs but unless I'm carrying the baby in my spare tire, I have no idea how much is baby. My stomach does stick out a LOT though, about the same at 4 mos as at 6 mos last time. Midwife says it's loose abdominals - couldn't she just humor me that it's an enormous baby, maybe three?

I don't know where exactly it's available, but I got some H&M Mama clothing that is much, much, muchmore chic and more fit to my body type than what I can find in typical maternity stores. I can wear them without the tent effect - I just look a little bit pregnant. There are no ribbons or bows on any of them, which I also like. Also, so cheap. I can't wear ON without the tent effect; except the undershirt tanks, those are good.

Oh - and you're in vancouver - on Robson street there is also Thyme Maternity, and they have nicer quality things, and when stuff is on sale it seems like a good bargain. I usually wear the same things over and over, so I figure a little outlay (less than $25 though) is worth it for comfort.

I bought some very cool things from Japanese Weekend's online site that were only around $20 for good-quality, thick fabric, very cute, very discounted. I cruise the clearance section only though - the rest are really high prices.
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My style of clothing is very conducive to pregnancy
I'm getting really huge, but everything I normally wear still fits! I don't wear pants, first of all. I wear long stretchy-waisted skirts and sweaters. There are a few things that I don't wear anymore, but I have plenty to last me through the entire pregnancy. A lot of my friends have been giving me empire-waist and baby-doll dresses that'll work all summer long

I bought a maternity bathing suit off e-bay a month and a half ago because my regular one fit really weird at that point. That suit should last me all summer as well and it's really cute!

It helps that I'm tiny to begin with so most regular clothes will fit me for quite some time if not the whole time
I can always borrow from my more well-endowed friends if need be

love and peace.
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I've been thinking a lot about clothes the last week as I am down to my one pair of low waisted pants that still fit and an elastic skirt or two. The only tops I have that still fit - well, one I accidentally shrunk today! - and one is a stretchy tank dress of my daughter's that she's letting me use as a shirt.
Other than that I just have the one maternity top I sewed myself about a month ago. So I need to start sewing some more. I can't bring myself to spend money we don't have right now when I have a pile of fabric that is up to my waist piled in the corner right now!
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h&m mama rock- seriously, they are absolutely fantastic- and because they're also extremely cheap, you can justify travelling to one.
If there is such a thing as Topshop near you, then they do high-fashion maternity clothes and are again, very cheap for basics like t-shirts to customise, jeans, etc, etc. It's depressing me because I didn't wear much traditional maternity first two times round at all, but fashion is so radically different now- a hippy look is more Sienna ****** and less about comfy tents that cover bumps nicely- I had to give in.
I had to start wearing maternity stuff a few weeks ago. Loose abdominals, indeed! :LOL I'm pregnant at the exact same time of year as last time, so I thought I wouldn't have to spend any money on clothes. Well, I'm not sure what happened, but I don't seem to have as many clothes as I thought I did! I've had to hit the sales racks a couple of times to bolster the old wardrobe. Maybe I'm just sick of everything I wore last time.
I've been in maternity clothes for about 5 weeks - I just needed comfort.

ON is ok. Gap is too expensive for me. I have some H&M stuff from when I was pg with Sam that I love, but the stuff I saw this time wasn't quite right for me - and they also changed their sizing so the mediums were really tight! It's hit or miss there, but it can be good.

I have made a killing at Motherhood this pg - dresses, tops, you name it. YOu can shop them online, and just check the sales, because you can get adorable dresses for $9.99. We have a maternity mall outlet here in NY, so that is basically where I go. They have motherhood, Mimi, Pea in the Pod (and man, when that stuff goes on deep sale, it is awesome!) Last week I got 3 shirts and 3 dresses and a slip for my b'day - for $100. That was a good deal.

Good luck!
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I have a lot leftover from my last babe. I bought a few pairs of black slacks for work, but I'm not picky about brand names. I went to Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, Ebay, whatever. I've been in maternity pants since 12 weeks. I have a pretty bad diastasis so my stomach muscles can't hold anything in.
ha, ha- ditto for me on everything! I am pg at the same time as I was last time and thought I wouldn't need any clothes- HA!! I didn't even shop for clothes till 6 mos. last time, now I'm 3 1/2 mos. and already needing them! So I need stuff for summer, which I don't have any of!

I really want to go to this huge thrift store we have here, but it's impossible for me to find a time to go without ds so I can try clothes on.

Since I am getting desperate, I did a lot of ebay shopping yest. and bought a bunch of great items. I paid a lot more than I would at the thrift store, but I really need something to wear!!

At home I also wear yoga pants and big t shirts so that isn't a problem. Work is a problem though! Once I get a few short sleeved shirts I"ll be ok- I have a couple tan and black pants that I can wear the different shirts with (good thing I only work 2 days a week!)

I really want to try ON pants with the adjustable waists- the Motherhood pants I have never did fit me right- I never got big enough for the panel in front! Although this time I seem huge so that may not be a problem!
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I'm wearing maternity clothes now, too! I got some stuff on sale from Gap and Motherhood (the only store that sells maternity near me)....I'm still rolling the waist-band down on the pants (but not for much longer!)...I have trouble finding pants that fit when not pregnant (I'm short), so it's been a struggle....

also, found some flowy, non-maternity shirts at an Indian store...just bought a size bigger....

hoping to get some summer skirts and dresses to wear to work once it gets hot....

at home I just wear Ts/tanks with cotton pj bottoms. I wear them low on my hips anyway, so I figure they'll last me through November!
I've been cleaning up on freecycle and at local township wide garage sales and I'm hoping I have enough stuff to get most of the way through my pregnancy... then again, I'm praying it will be easier when winter comes because I can just spend a lot of time in panel jeans and big men's sweaters rather than having to get special maternity clothes. Still, I've got a ton of jeans from freecycle, and bought three pairs of pants and a bunch of cotton blouses and cardigans at a rummage sale this weekend, so I'm set for the moment... plus, I'm in that weird in-between place where I'm too chubby for normal clothes, but haven't got enough of a belly for proper maternity yet.
So far, I have just bought things a size or so larger. (I'm 15 weeks.) I bought some shorts to swim in that my DH and I will share this summer instead of spending lots of money on a maternity swim suit. And, a takini that we will not share.
I like thinking that he'll still wear them, instead of only me wearing them for three months, you know? For work, I can wear anything so usually yoga pants and a tee. Makes it easy to hit the gym after I leave, too!

I have one pink linen skirt that I bought a while ago two sizes too big and I live in it when I want to look nicer. But, it was a little snug on Friday evening. Sad about that.

I bought three maternity shirts at the thrift store recently. Two are way too big, for now, at least. One fits and it makes me look so much more pregnant that other shirts. I haven't worn it, yet though.
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I don't want to sound like a walking ad, but I have found the best clothes at target, specifically by this one company called exhileration. They have (or had) these crop pants that have an expandable "v" cut waist that is perfect for maternity (they were in the junior's section) and tank tops that have an empress cut that doesn't put any pressure on my tummy. I try getting lose clothes used too, but these inexpensive clothes from target have proved so comfortable. Jeans still elude me, though. When it's cold I feel at a loss for comfort.
All of my maternity clothes from last time were worn out. They were hand me downs from my best friend's sister. They lasted through her two pregnancies and my one pregnancy. This time I just bought the basics, a couple of shorts and a couple of T-shirts from JCPenny. I am plus size and that is like the only place that sells my size clothing. Kinda sucks. I have been wearing my maternity clothes for a couple of weeks now. I am a SAHM so it really doesn't matter what I wear. I could hang out in my nighty all day if I want to. :LOL

My suggestions would be JCPennys, Target, and Fashion Bug.
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