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I have two maternity dresses I won't be needing anymore.

The first one is size XL, sleeveless, 100% cotton. It hits at about mid-calf, and has a blue, green, aqua, purple and black paisley/vertical stripe pattern. (The paisley is inside the stripes.) The straps are about and inch in width. Then it has an attached inner top, which is white, with straps about two inches wide. It doesn't look as though you could detach the top without taking off the skirt part of the outer dress. I wore this quite a bit. The inner white part is a tad bit dingey, but I'm sure if you bleached it (by pulling out the top and pushing down the outer part) it would come totally white again, I just don't have the time or inclination to deal with it.

The other is a spaghetti-strap, made of stretchy (t-shirt material) cotton. It's a bright spiral rainbow tie-dye on a blank from dharma trading. It's also size XL, and I never ended up wearing it because it was too long and I tripped over it. (I knew that when I tried it on, but I thought my belly would take up the slack - I was only just pregnant when I bought it, either at a Phil & Friends or maybe the Other Ones concert.) I'm 5'6" so it would either be for someone taller, or lots wider, or someone who wants to hem it or maybe take up the straps. There's not a lot of room to go on the straps, though.

Sorry I'm unable to post pictures.

I don't know how much it would cost to ship these but if you need them you can have them for shipping costs.
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