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I am a little down today. I've been on leave from teaching since Feb 15 when ds was born and I knew the time to go back was sneaking up on me, but it is not officially only 2 weeks away. I am overwhelmed today thinking that I don't want ds to go to daycare and at the same time I am really looking forward to my new class.

I have been lurking on this board since I wasn't officially a working mama, but I guess now I truly am.

Ds will start daycare next Friday for a half-day and the following week full time. I feel good about the day care, but I have a pit in my stomach knowing I will go from being with him all day, to only a few hours in the evenings. I feel like I will miss so much!

I mentally know it will be okay and that he will thrive, but emotionally I am a nervous wreck. I will continue nursing and have a HUGE freezer stash so ds will still get bm. Plus I will pick him up at 4pm so I will about 3 hours of play before bedtime.

Thanks for listening. It feels better just to type out my anxiety.

PS - let me into myself since I want to join the board: I am Jennifer from Houston, TX. I am a 7th grade math teacher and am married to my best friend, Eric for 3 years. We have 1 child - Bryce who I have to admit is the most adorable baby on the planet (except for yours of course
). I plan to teach 1 more year and then stay home to have more babies. I am a ebf, bw junkie who plans to make my own baby food.
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