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Sunday night as I was putting Katie to bed, she said to me, "Choclito (the new baby) is coming tomorrow"
I told her maybe, but probably not because it's very early still. I was actually expecting him to be on the late side if anything....

Monday morning we woke up late, around 9:30, and in that half aware state of being between asleep and awake, I noticed some menstrual cramp like sensations. It took a few before it occured to me that it could be contractions. Then I looked at the clock to see how close they were. They were pretty close, like 2-3 minutes apart, but not very intense and I just kept thinking that this couldn't be it because it was so early. When we went downstairs I gave Katie breakfast and G had to leave for a rehearsal. It was about 30 mins away, so I told him to keep the cell phone on because the baby may come today. He was very surprised too, but I tried to downplay the frequency of the contractions because I was still in denial that this could really be the day.
At that point they were 1-3 minutes apart.

After he left I went upstairs to take a shower and see if that would slow things down. It didn't, but felt good. I decided to call the birth center to see if I should be preparing to go in. I told the MW that the contractions were about 30 secs long (wild guess actually because I only paid attention to when they started. She said to take a long shower and drink 3 cups of water to see if they'd slow down.

Since I'd just taken a shower I figured I could skip that part (lol) and chugged around 32oz of water. Ten minutes later, they were still as frequent and when I timed them, seemed to be close to a minute each. So I called the MW again and she wanted to hear me breathe through a contraction. Of course I had the longest break between contractions I'd had all morning (about 3 mins). She sais since she didn't hear a change in my breathing, to wait it out a bit, but get prepared to come in if necessary since it would take G 30+ mins to get here and then another 30+ to get to the center.

I called G and told him to come home. At this point I realized that I still hadn't figured out who could watch Katie. I called my grandma because she's the only one I could think of that I might be able to reach in the middle of the day. She wasn't there, so I left a message.

At this point I decided to fill up the bath and see if that was more comfortable since the contrax were getting stronger. I wouldn't really call them painful though, it's such an impossible sensation to describe. While the tub was filling I went down to refill my water and had to sit through a few contrax. By the time we (K and I) got back upstairs the tub was very full, but I thought it would be a good idea to just jump in.

Well it was too full and water overflowed all over the bathroom and out into the hallway. K thought it was great fun to splash around in and I just stayed in the tub. I convinced her to go get some towels to mop up some but there was so much water everywhere that it didn't do a heck of a lot. Luckily she decided to go into the bedroom and read her books. I still can't believe how awesome she was at occupying herself and letting me do my own thing with the labor. I always say she knows what to do when it really matters

The tub was nice, except too small for me to submerge my whole body. I stayed in there for a while. I think I really would have enjoyed a birthing pool. I forced myself to get out because I needed to pack and figure out what to bring to the center and get K dressed in case she ended up coming with us. And the most difficult task, find something to wear. lol. I know that sounds silly, but at the time I could not imagine getting clothes on, especially pants, but it was way too cold for a skirt...

I managed to get the water mopped up before G got home. I tried to pack a bag and went back and forth between sitting on the edge of the bed with a towel between my legs (for some reason that was more comfy) and the toilet, which was not particularly comfy, but I could relax better because I wasn't worried about peeing and pooping all over the place. I managed to find a couple newborn outfits to pack and some sweats for me, but still could not figure out what to wear for pants. I was thinking there was a good chance this baby wouldn't wait until we made it to the hospital and was afraid of the pants being too tight or something silly like that.

My grandmother called just as a contraction started so I passed the phone to G and he explained the situation. Luckily, she was able to come right over so that was a huge weight lifted. I was a little sad that Katie wouldn't be coming with us, but knew things were going fast and it didn't bother me too much.

G didn't seem to really know what to do and went to clean out the car lol. For some reason that struck me as pretty funny. But seriously, I preferred laboring by myself.

Grandma got there and took over with Katie. I was mostly on the toilet at this point. I found that laboring on all fours was very uncomfy for me which I hadn't expected. My system was definately cleaning itself out lol. Although I wasn't peeing as much as I thought I should be because I'd had so much water before. G would come by every now and then trying to figure out what to do and to encourage me to get dressed to go. I couldn't move from the toilet though. I really thought the baby was going to be born there. I remember thinking I was in transition because I got nauseaus and pulled the trash can around just in case, but didn't end up getting sick.

Around 1:30, still on the toilet, my water broke. At this point the contrax changed and I could feel my body pushing. I tried hard not to push and somehow (I have NO idea how!!!) managed to pull on a pair of pants and get to the car. I thought his head was about to come out as I was getting in the car.

Now you may be thinking, "Why bother going to the BC at this point?" which is a very good question. I would have really preferred to stay here, but G is not as 'crunchy' as me and I was afraid that we'd somehow (either him or Grandma calling 911 or something) end up at the nearby hospital and they'd give the new baby all the shots and ointment, etc that I was trying to avoid. Next time, I am so having the baby at home!!

Anyways, back to the story...

As we started off, it was starting to snow out. Isn't that always how it happens? lol Thankfully the drive was as quick and easy as ever and despite my body pushing the whole way, we made it to the BC with baby still inside. What a lovely car ride lol. I was glad I kept the towel between my legs because I was either pushing out fluid or pee during contrax lol. We drove up to the emergency entrance and I got a wheelchair. I'd always thought it was silly that pregnant women were put into wheelchairs when they arrived, since walking would help move their labor along LMAO. Well I couldn't walk at that point and so the wheelchair was definately a good thing. It seemed to take forever for them to get somebody to take me up to the BC (it was part of a hospital) and when they did, they wheeled me into the hospital part, into a regular room. At this point I was about to cry because I knew that this baby was coming NOW and I kept saying, "No, I'm supposed to be in the BC. I'm supposed to be in the BC..."

The MW on duty happened to be the one that I hadn't met yet (of course lol) and they had me hop onto the bed to check how dialated I was. When she realized how close this baby was, they immediately wheeled me off to the BC. Again, I couldn't believe the baby wasn't born while they were wheeling me there. When they stopped in front of the room (the good one with the big tub! lol-as if it mattered at that point) I somehow managed to get from the stretcher onto the bed.

As soon as I was on the bed, they said I could push any time and 3 mins later, at 2:48pm, Max was here
He started crying immediately and was very pink. He had a hematoma on his head though, I guess because my body was pushing so long while I was fighting it. The placenta came out very quickly, and I was surprised how fast. It was very large too. I tore a little, but nothing like last time.

Max took to nursing well right away. After a bit, they came back to weigh him. He was 9lbs 3oz! That really surprised me because although I expected a big baby, I didn't think he'd be that big since he was so early.

Afterwards, the MW told me that she was surprised when she checked me because I seemed so calm when they wheeled me by her. I tend to go inside myself when I'm in pain or discomfort rather than scream or something. I tried vocalizing a little earlier and labor and found it to be more distracting than anything. I guess I just concentrate better with quiet and being able to think to myself. I'm really happy with how the labor went, the only thing that I'd change next time is to not have to go anywhere!

I wanted to add that I was surprised that I ended up preferring to push in the semi-reclined position on the bed as opposed to squatting or on all fours. I still think the tub would have been nice, but maybe next time....

I felt awesome afterwards. I mean, really great. I wasn't very sore at all and was able to get up and pee right away. Last time I could barely walk and nearly passed out trying to make it to the bathroom. And then I couldn't pee, so eventually they had to cath me which was a horrible experience because the stupid nurse couldn't get it in. I liked the BC too. They didn't bug us afterwards except to check temps because his was on the low side.

I still can't believe how fast it all happened and I'm still not used to the fact that I'm not pregnant anymore. I really wasn't ready for it to be over yet, although I'm so thrilled to have Max here. He's so different from K. He's so laid back and sleeps a lot. And nursing has been so much easier so far. My nipples are sore and all when he latches, but that's nothing and he's got quite an appetite. He also spits up a lot, which K almost never did. And we can lay him on the bed without him screaming lol. It's definately helped the transition go smoothly and things definately seem easier this time around, despite there being two children now. I'm a little sad that I didn't get any belly pics before he was born. I was really loving the round shape of my belly but didn't get around to taking the pics

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What a great story!!

I really understand what you were saying about missing being pregnant and not getting enough belly pictures. While I was in labor I thought I had plenty of time to get some belly shots---not one, of course. And being almost 2w early kinda throws things off too, I totally expected to go late.

Much congratulations to all of you, and I saw your photos and cannot believe how huge he is!! Owen is almost 3w old and a little over 8lbs now


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Exactly, I thought I had tons of time :LOL

I was really surprised by how big he was too considering he was a couple weeks early. I was expecting a big baby, but not this big this early.

I can't believe Owen is almost 3 weeks!
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