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May 2006 DDC weekly check in thread, 8/6

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Hello May Mamas. Before posting this I thought I'd check our DDC just to see if anyone had posted anything new, and I came across wonderful news from ILoveMySophie (sorry, I don't know how to link it) - go check it out!

In other news, all is well here except I am having a migraine-day. I have had them most of my life, so I am pretty used to it. But, it still rots. Yesterday was dd1's 5th b'day party. We had a party for her at her dance studio. It was very cute, but a bit wild. (Perhaps that accounts for the migraine.) DD was thrilled, so that is all that matters.

Hope everyone is well.
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Hey Max!

Sorry to hear about the migraine, and happy belated birthday to your DD!

That's really wonderful news for ILoveMySofie, so pleased for her.

I didn't get a chance to post to the other thread, but wanted to make a few comments... :

Welcome to all the new mamas, first off! Nice to meet y'all.

Happy anniversary, Amanda!

Dharmama, glad things are communicatin' better between you and your DH.

I can totally understand now how the whole childrearing phase of a marriage can make things super hard. Often, it seems like you don't even have time to have basic maintenance conversations! I was annoyed at DH yesterday because a communication snafu meant that I thought he was on vacation starting tomorrow, when he isn't on vacation until next week.
: And I'd made an appointment with the Monseigneur at our church to talk about baptism stuff Tuesday afternoon, so we have to change the appt.
: Actually, DH has to change the appt!

In other news, I'm still having some struggles with the MIL. She's hinted a bunch of times that my milk isn't nourishing enough since in the evenings Geo tends to eat and eat and eat. These comments make me

That and the constant harping-- DS isn't warm enough, he's too warm, he isn't dressed right, why don't I bathe him every day? Why isn't he vaxed already-- over and over and over again make me

We need a bigger apartment.

Sorry to whine. 85% of the time things are fine and I cope real well.

In Geo news, he's learned to grab and now holds things with both hands and puts them immediately into his mouth,
. It's so fun to watch him change every day!

Hope everyone is well and that the weather has cooled off for all you hot mamas.
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Phoebe's been grabbing things with both hands and putting them in her mouth, too. I'm finding myself becoming much more aware of the cleanliness of things and what they are made of. I made her a little doll out of a small play silk and a ball of wool in the head, which is the only thing she can consistently hold and shake around without dropping so far. She loves her play silks! Someone mentioned last week I think that she put a silk in front of the fan for her baby and Phoebe likes that too. She also LOVES looking up at leaves on a sunny day when the light shines through.

We took her on her first road trip this week. I was nervous about the HOT weather forecast, but we ended up travelling with the cold front on its way to Boston, so it was actually very nice. Phoebe was so easy and agreeable the whole time. She kept to her nighttime schedule pretty well despite sleeping in a friend's house and staying out late one night (she saw her first Shakespeare--Taming of the Shrew free in Boston Common). I was able to successfully breastfeed her in the carseat on the highway, but the weird angle and latch really took its toll--my left nipple is KILLING me today. I ended up hand-expressing to empty that side today when nursing and pumping were too painful. (I was shocked that I got 3 oz! That's the most I've ever pumped on one side and this was just from squeezing my boob over a bowl!) It's already starting to feel better though. Now I know--I CAN nurse in a moving car, but it comes with a price!

Max, 5-year-olds are a riot! They must have had a great time. The friends we stayed with in Boston have a 5yo dd who could not keep her hands of Phoebe. It was adorable.

Marylizah, now that your ILs are with you, what happens next for them? How long will they be with you? Where will they go when (if?) they leave your home?

It's a good thing we are keeping our threads weekly. I think if it was monthly like most DDC threads I'd never have a chance at keeping up with everyone. As it is now, at least there's a chance when we start fresh each Sunday!
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I have been deflowered!

That is so funny. I was surprised this am when I posted. Who's my knight in shining armour?
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Gotta love at that DDDDC love. Methinks I'll have to be getting someone soon!

I'll BBL to post more.
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happy monday to everyone...William rolled over for the first time on friday, it was on his 3 month bday
looking back on my notes from dd he rolled over 2 weeks sooner than she did :0... its cute he still gets his arm stuck and then gets quite upset, poor little guy!

I'm really thinking about investing in a double jogger, as william is already 16 pounds and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to wear him comfortably for LONG periods of time, as I am only 5'2"....kwim? any suggestions on double joggers?

alright well I wish everyone a happy week, and Im sure ill bb
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Wow, thats so great for ILoveMySofie.

Things are going okay here. Got back from VA on Sunday morning and now we're UGGGGGGG cleaning up the mess from unpacking.

I also need a bigger apartment. I feel like I can't breathe in here with all the stuff we have. I want to simplify, but I know DH will kill me because I fought for the 7000 bookshelves and enormous couch we have.

We'll be moving in a year or two, but I doubt the place will be bigger.

Baby crying, gotta go.
Whoops - posted this on the old thread by mistake. Now I'm with you!

Ugh. I'm sick. Not badly, but it's settled in my ears, which always makes me feel like I'm approximately 3 years old and in a really bad mood (I had chronic ear infections as a young kid, and I don't get them anymore because I know how to take care of my ears when this happens, but . . . ugh.)

Erika, I took DS#2 in the pool with me for the first time on Saturday, too! He seemed to like it, too.

Cindy, I took a pg test yesterday! I just get so paranoid . . . I knew I wasn't really at all likely to be pg (only DTD once!) but this baby nurses SOOO much less than DS#1 that I am really unsure about my fertility in a way I thought I wouldn't be this time around. He's only 3 months, I haven't had a period, and he always nurses within 3 hrs (daytime) and 6 hrs (nighttime) so we SHOULD be okay, but it just scares me. I would be pretty horrified if I got pg with a baby less than 1 year old, and really this time my goal is to wait 2 full years. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a good method of bc for us. We LOVE NFP, but it doesn't work very well without regular cycles, which didn't come back until 15 months pp with DS#1.

Okay, feeling yucky, at work, I should go. But I'll keep trying to check in here with you guys, cause you're all special to me!
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Sorry to hear about the migraine. I hate those.

We had our oldest's 6th birthday party yesterday at the IL's pool. My MIL tried to feed Simon frosting!! Ack! I was glad when he stuck his thumb in his mouth before she could get to him.

It's so quiet here now that Corey started first grade. It's just me, Simon, & Aiden. Not that Aiden's quiet by any means, but he's certainly not as yappy as Corey can be.

Simon went through quite a growth spurt last week! He was eating every 2 hours & sleeping practically ALL DAY! It was crazy. I think he's finally done, though now he doesn't want me to nurse him to sleep anymore. He gets all mad, like, "Get that thing out of my face!" sticks his thumb in his mouth & falls asleep almost instantaneously. I feel useless!

Wish me luck, guys. I'm teaching my first voice lesson this evening!
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I feel loved...Who got me???...That made my night to see that last night...


Wow...I can't believe 3 months have gone by already. Time really goes to fast. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant with Adrock and now here Adrock is 2 1/2 and I have another child that is 3 months!!!...Life is crazy like that...

Yesterday was Judah's dedication. It was really nice. We had him dedicated at a campground where our assistate pastor has been preaching at. Very small and intamite. I know I spelled that wrong
.....We had a nice little party afterwards at a small park next to my Grandma's. She hogged Judah the whole time but I will forgive her. She thought she had cancer last week and just found out they read her stuff wrong

Anyone else have a talker....Judah just talks all the time...I love it except at 5 in the morning where he just babbles on and on instead of going back to sleep...

That is all for now.......
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Hi mamas! We are all doing great here, weather is FINALLY comfortable, and we're able to enjoy being outside! All of us have a cold, but nothing too serious, Alayna has a bit of a snotty nose, and Rachel has more of a cough.

Sheandru- Ugh! My MIL used to do that with Rachel when she did daycare for us when Rach was an infant, but she would give her ice cream!!

Mamabeakley- I took one last week!!
I had been sooooo tired for about 2 weeks, and the mornings I felt crappy, etc. etc. It was negative, but man was I scared! I wouldn't mind having another one, but the thought of being pregnant now, and maybe my milk decreasing was enough to make me take a test!! Alayna is an every 3-4 hour nurser during the day too, and at night she will usually go 8 hours. very different than Emma, who was nursing 24/7.
She's more like Rachel was.

CindyCaz- I know sometimes it's more work going on vacation that relaxing, because of all the stuff you do before you go, and the stuff you have to do when you get home!

mom2nat&will- Congrats Will!! Alayna rolls from tummy to back, and has since about 2 months old, but she's a tummy sleeper too.

ecoteat- Hope your nipple feels better, I've nursed in a vehicle once with Emma, and that was sooo uncomfortable!

Marylizah- I can totally understand how frustrating that would be. And it sounds like there isn't much you can do about it. Hugs to you!!
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i hope everyone who's sick feels better quickly. (sorry for not naming names, i'm lazy
) and i hope those of us doing well stay that way!

we got great news today. DH interviewed for a permanent (and better
) position at his job friday, and today they offered it to him and he accepted!!

thanks for the good thoughts/prayers etc. anyone sent our way!!
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josie ~ big congrats!!!!

copying my post from the other thread....

Kristina ~
Hope you are doing better today.

Things continue to improve on my end. DH and I are communicating much more and I feel like we are finally *really* working as a team. And we're lovin' each other a lot more which is always a good thing.

I took my first yoga class since DS was born today. OMG...I feel like a million bucks! I think I'm going to try pilates tomorrow!

I took it at the Y so I left the kids in childcare. I was a little
but DH went with me and did his workout while I was in class. He checked on them a few times and he said it was great. All of the babies were being held the whole time...even when they were sound asleep!!
I snuck out of the class to look in right before the final relaxation because I knew I couldn't *really* relax unless I knew they were both fine. They totally were. By that time my DH was back in playing with Lil and Quinn was totally zonked out in one of the women's arms.

When I went back in, I asked if it was ok to sit in the big comfy chair and nurse him and they were like...of course!
One of the women started talking about her experience nursing her son, who is now 28, and how she always nursed him to sleep even though *everyone* told her not to!

A few quick personals...

Hey Danielle...when are you coming my way???

Mamabeakley ~ Hope you feel better.

PS. Still really missing bfing. I don't think I'll ever really feel okay about having to let that battle go.
Oh Cindy. I really hope you will be able to find find peace and know that you made the best decision for your family. I think there are some support threads around here somewhere for mamas who are unable to breastfeed....maybe in finding your tribe??

But I'll keep trying to check in here with you guys, cause you're all special to me!
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Hi mamas

marylizah sorry things are tough with your MIL, unsolicited advice is so hard! Congrats to Geo and his newfound grabbing abilities!

ecoteat- good to know of the dangers of carseat nursing before embarking on my own road trip. Only for emergencies I guess. Hope you're healing up well.

congrats on dh's job glowfaeriejosie! Thats great news!

dharmama That is so great about the Y daycare. Its so nice they hold the babes! hmmm, wonder if I could find something similar- a yoga class sounds pretty great!

*andflipping* Ari is a talker too- he always has a lot to say, even in his sleep sometimes! He takes it all very seriously too trying to copy everyone, or listening intently trying to soak up all the language around him. He's not so physical as it sounds like many of the may babes- he has rolled a bit but it doesn't seem very interesting to him. and he's not trying to grab stuff yet either- he can't, his fists are always in his mouth!

I am getting ready for my sisters wedding in a week and a half. My dress is being made and I'm a bit nervous about NIP in a wedding party, but I am getting zippers put in the sides and have a nice scarf so I can feel more comfortable (no tassles!
) I'm all for lactivism but my breasts are just so...well... huge! I'd rather my sister was the main attraction!
I'm glad that the wedding falls in Ari's third month. Breastfeeding is so much easier now, and he's just so interested in what is going on now. I don't feel like I have to protect his delicate newbornness so much anymore, kwim? Though of course I still plan to mostly wear him so he doesn't get overwhelmed. But there is sure to be a line up of aunties just waiting to pinch those chubby cheeks. Speaking of which, here is a link to a few pics. We just got a new camera (that we totally couldn't afford!) and I am pretty snap happy... and excuse the toe jam!
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Hey all,

I woke up this morning at 5:30 to my husband screaming "There's a car on fire outside!". I ran to the window, expecting to see flames coming up from under the hood of a car, but saw basically a car-shaped torch with flames leaping high enough to burn the trees above. As we watched and called the emergency number there were several explosions and the two cars--one in front of and one behind the burning car caught on fire.

It took about 3 minutes for the firefighters to arrive, but it felt like an eternity. The heat was so intense we could feel it inside (we're on the third floor) and there was a huge, huge plume of black smoke. What totally boggles my mind is that we live on a very busy street and there were cars driving by and WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE TO CALL THE FIRE DEPT.!
: When we called they hadn't heard about it yet, and I'm sure that car had been burning for at least 10 minutes.

I asked my DH what made him go look out the window-- he said he'd heard an explosion and assumed it was the garbage men. They have several big dumpsters across the street that they are always dragging and dropping, and when they do it makes a big boom. He wants to complain about the noise, so he went to the window to see if it was really them. My guess is that it was the gas tank exploding. If someone else had called the fire dept earlier, those two other cars could probably have been spared.

Anyway, they put the fire out and this morning the charred frame of what used to be a car is sitting in front of our building. It's so badly burned you can't even tell what make/ model it was. I hope it was an electrical fire or a cigarette-butt fire and not vandalism...

In other news, the ILs will go stay with my BIL next week, so I'm cheerful! Actually, we had a good day yesterday. Most of the time we do get along well, it's just MIL tends to nag a lot.

Ecoteat-- bravo on the car-nursing! I wasn't brave enough to try it during our trip. Hope everything heals quickly! And yay for early exposure to Shakespeare!

Mom2Nat&Will, congrats on the rolling over! Geo is definitely not there yet. Maybe in a few more weeks. For now, I'm enjoying the fact that he isn't mobile!

CindyCaz-- if we move our place probably won't be any bigger either. Unless we leave the city/country! And I also wanted to say that you really are so brave for everything you did in terms of bfing your babe. You should be proud of yourself!!

Mamabeakley, hope you feel better soon. Ear infections are AWFUL. I had them chronically as a young child, too.

Sheandaru, wow, I woulda been MAD if someone managed to get frosting into my baby! Good thing he had the thumb in his mouth. And I think Geo is going through a growth spurt-- he's been eating every 2.5 hours since yesterday and that's not like him.

Andiflipping-- glad to hear your grandmother is ok!

Sydnee, hope everyone feels better and glad things have cooled off for you.

glowfaeriejosie, congrats to your dh for the new job!

dharmama, so glad things are better between you and your DH. And yay on the yoga class and bfing at the Y! My BIL sent me a French yahoo article today that said that 57% of Americans are uncomfortable/disgusted by public bfing. What is up with that??? People are nuts.

Taimarie, what a cutie-pie!! And I hear you on the NIP at a wedding. I'm in a wedding at the end of August and am a little concerned about that because my dress is totally not adapted to bfing. However, the wedding is in Norway and Scandinavians are totally down with bfing, so won't have to nurse in the bathroom.
The bride has made arrangements for the nursing mamas (there will be several of us present).

Well, the babe just woke from his 20 minute nap, so I better run! Have a good day, everyone.
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good am mamas!
i am one sleepy gal lemme tell ya.

max i hope things are feeling much better in the migraine department.
i'm glad your dd had a good time.
i see you've been deflowered!

i am so happy for ILMS!

good grief, why would no one cal the fire department?
: people are nutty... glad to hear you can get a break from the mil marylizah. no matter how much you love someone we've all got our little annoyances.

ouch ecoteat, your poor teat! i hope it gets better soon. i almost nursed sayon in the car when my brother was driving us back home from the bbq he and his wife had.
glad he fell asleep!

erika sayon's getting up there too, about 15 lbs now i think.
i can barely wear him in the front with the moby and get things done anymore and the back carry with it i'm not liking so much. now let's see, how can i dig up $92 for an ergo.
i'll be on the lookout for double joggers for you.

cindy we don't have much stuff but our place seems to be exploding too.
we'll probably have to move from intown so we can afford something bigger.
we're always here for you mama. you're doing an absolutely amazing job and i agree, you should be proud of yourself, overwhelmingly so!

i hope you get to feeling better mamab!
man i remember ear infections hurting like h*l*.

sheandaru i think sayon's doing some growing of his own, the boy eats all day and night!
i hope your first voice lesson went well.

andflipping i'm so glad your grandma's ok!
my wee froggy's a talker too.
he just goes on and on, so cute.

sydnee you guys get to feeling better soon mama. i'm such a whiner when i'm sick, even with something little.

congratulations to your dh josie, that's great news!

i'm glad to here things are continuing to improve with you and dh erin!
ahh, a yoga class sounds heavenly.

taimarie i love little ari's furrowed brow.
what a gorgeous little man!

good luck to you mamas in upcoming weddings. have fun!

the beginnings of the teething are definitely here. my poor little guy. he gets so fussy and cranky.
he can almost roll over but not quite yet. he can almost spin around a full 360 now though.
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First off Taimaire Ari is a gorgeous man cute!!!!

mamacats i know what you mean about barley being able to wear him in the front, my back hurts when i I too use a moby type wrap....another problem I'm having is that after he nurses in the middle of the night he and I both often fall asleep with him on his belly on me....which also contributes to some back pain kwim?!

marylizah, I can't believe that no one else called the fire department that amazes me!!!!

glowfaierejosie congrats on dh's new job that is very good news and probably a huge weight off the shoulders

Cindy we are all here for you and I know the tough battle you fought to bfeed, I fought it with Nathalie when she was an infant and was never able to relactate, and had to stop nursing her at 4 & 1/2 months....its so different this time around I sometimes forget what Iwent through the first time...

I think Nathalie is coming down with something
she woke up at 3:45 this am and had a fever, she drank some milk (by her request) and cuddled with momma for a couple hours, then dadda got her back to her bed around 6 and she slept until about 15 minutes ago, she still seems to have a low fever, so for now I'm just gonna try to keep her and william as far apart from one another as possible!!!!
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I just wanted to report that minutes after writing that Ari was uninterested in rolling over he proved me wrong by showing intense determination and getting himself over completley, even wiggling that pesky arm out of the way! He has not shown any sign of being interested in doing it again, he just had to show me he could do it!
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