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May 29-June 4th weekly chat thread

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Well I feel crappy. My cold is getting sort of better but seems to be migrating into my lungs. My OB-GYN listened to my lungs today and said they were clear but that if in a few days they aren't getting better then I should go on antibiotics
and I really don't want to. I am starting to cough up a little bit of crap and it tastes bad...feels like the beginning of bronchitis (which I've had a lot in my relatively short life :LOL ).

Also, I was late for my appointment today because the stupid bus was like, 20 minutes late, then I got off at the wrong stop...blah blah blah. AND, I had to have a pap done as WELL as an ass swab. :puke (to check for group b strep or something). It's a REALLY good thing they didn't prep me before hand or I never would have gone :LOL Anyways, it's been a crappy day. I need to pack and it's a million degrees here. I think I'll go for a nap instead. How was your day?
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I'm feeling crappy too. It's like I can't get over this cold. I remember this happened last pregnancy too, the cough lingered for at least a month. It is NOT fun!! I'm thinking about going to the doctor later this week, but I haven't decided for sure yet.

My sisters wedding was beautiful. I can't believe she is married!! And on her way to hawaii, lucky girl. She was so excited when she heard we're having a girl, despite the fact that she has told me in the past she will have the first girl in the family and i'm not allowed to. As soon as the newlyweds drove off (well were driven off) to their hotel I grabbed my mom and my husbands mom and handed them each a package. Pink "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" grandmas brag books. They were sooo excited, my mother-in-law's reaction made the waiting worth it!!!

Today my boys are with my mom, they spent the night last night. I'm kind of bored, just relaxing and ignoring the dishwasher ; )
Hope your day gets better!

I read your post on the main pregnancy board, did you see my reply? You should definitely at least give Umcka Cold Care a try. It's homeopathic and safe during pregnancy. It's worth a try anyhow. It has been the best remedy for me if I have cold systems, sinisitus, and even brochitis. I actually was feeling the beginnings of bronchitis (I've had my fair share of it too) earlier in this pregnancy. I'd had a cold for almost 2 weeks and it was turning into bronchitis, and I finally remembered the good ole Umcka. It started improving immediatetely.

I've been feeling pretty good. I'm a little more tired than I have been, but it's tolerable. I've been going to bed a little ealier than usual and that is helping. The sciatica has been coming and going.

Hormones are funny things. I'm watching Oprah right now and they're talking about the "S" factor and "Sexpot Makeovers" and pole-dancing as a sexy transformational thing a woman can do for herself. Well, they just had a mom get one of these make-overs and did a surprise pole-dance (she keeps her clothes on, it's all about the moves) for her husband who was sitting in the audience ... and it made me cry. :LOL Go figure!

It's rainy and humid here in my part of Florida today. Yucky. I can't stand being outside. But I need to take little Jakob outside for at least a little while.

Hope everyone is doing good.
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It's another rainy day here, and my mood is matching the weather. I just feel gloomy today. Argued with DH a lot, just one of those days. He's grumpy and I was too. He just called me on the phone and we talked and apologized. I still feel gloomy.

And I just want to kick myself and snap out of it already! Maybe I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed today. My sciatica is kicking in a little bit today, my house is getting a little too messy for my taste, etc, etc. I think I will feel better if I can just accomplish a few things today, but not overdo it. If I can just make myself some lunch, take a hot bath, do a little yoga to help the sciatica, and then when my son wakes up just hang out with him.

I'm starting to wonder if I should really take this weekend job of home companion. I'm so torn about it right now. I think that is one thing stressing me out. We are so strapped for money so I really want to help out. But at the same time, I'm wondering if I'm actually going to be able to do this job physically. With the sciatica I've been having, will I be able to work up to 8 hours a day for two days doing cleaning and cooking and driving around with elderly folks? I've noticed too much driving really aggravates the sciatica, as well as too much physical activity. Like if I clean my house all day long. So I don't know, we'll see. I may just have to give it a try first to know for sure.

I'm sure I'm going to work these things out, but as you can see I'm just a ball of emotions today
Thanks for listening to me whine.
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Wolrdshakerz... Sciatica
: I hate it!! I have been having attacks for the past few weeks and I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I need to go to a chiro soon. I have been hearing of this one (25 minutes away) that is a specialist with preggos, so I'm thinking I may give it a try!

My house is messier than I'd like but I find that if I do it all in one big swoop I am I may ask DH and the kids to help out this afternoon (after all they live here too!

aishy I love the way you told your moms about having a girl!! How sweet!!

I'm doing pretty good though all in all
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Crappy here too. I passed out this morning in front of DH-- just keeled right over out of my chair. I've been feeling icky and woozy all day. Blecch. I'm hoping a high-protein dinner and an early bedtime will help. Not fun at all.
is this sciatica? I have had a pain that starts deep in my right butt cheek, runs down my right leg and is very foot kind of goes numb's really's not always there and it comes and was so bad teh other night that I cried

But it was better today so I took Sophia to the park twice..the weather is awesome..26C and sunny!

Oh and we may have a buyer for the pick-up so we can get a mini van and not lose money on the deal!

Ryleee...I am surprised they would do a group B strep swab the time you deliver things may well have changed...even when they do it at 37 weeks which I think is when it is usually done things can change. Maybe that's what they are you lots of time to change things if you happen to be positive...I don't know.

I have decided to wait until my 6wk pp check up for a's around the time I am due for one anyway.
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Hi guys
I feel like a such a sporadic checker-inner, lol

things are going well. I ended my job 2 weeks ago and am LOVING IT. I have been walking my dogs most days and working in my yard alot. I had been suffering from sciatica pretty badly, but I swear stretching and exercise have taken care of it. especially squatting in the garden.

Now, someone just needs to give me alecture on buying fair traide chocolate.
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Originally Posted by allgirls
Ryleee...I am surprised they would do a group B strep swab the time you deliver things may well have changed...even when they do it at 37 weeks which I think is when it is usually done things can change. Maybe that's what they are you lots of time to change things if you happen to be positive...I don't know.
That IS weird. There are so many warning bells about your doctors, friend. They seem very interventive and are jumping the gun on an awful lot of medical suggestions and conclusions. It's going to be very hard for you to avoid a lot of unnecessary interventions in your pregnancy care and birth. Please think about switching if that's not what you want. I know it feels awkward to do, but the more stuff you post, the more clear it is that they just aren't treating you as a normal, healthy, pregnant woman. I'm concerned for you.
ryleee, Hope you feel better soon and really hoping you avoid the bronchitis.

allgirls, I'm not a doctor, but I have the sciatic nerve pain, too, and you just described it perfectly, so it is a good guess that this might be it... some days it hurts to sit, stand, and lay down...

This is a terrible, terrible week. I'm surprised I have nails left. I've been expecting a little portion of some estate money ($250) and it would save us, right now, but the lawyer in charge seems to be delaying... I'm afraid that since dh's boss hired all these new guys, he's not getting the sales he was getting, and that we will not make rent... On top of the account overdrafts that have closed our account... and this created several bounced checks, all from a HUGE miscalculation in the middle of May...

I'm on edge...

The only things that seem to keep me going are the litle ultrasound pictures...

I hope June is waaaaay better than May. I'm losing vision that things will get better. But I am trying...

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pyra...thanks...I think you are right...I talked to my sister and she also said it sounds like it and she too had it when preggo...I didn't realise it could be pregnancy caused...because I used to do massage I know lots about sciatica but not that
..I was getting concerned but not so much since I know it's the baby causing least it's not a permanent thing...but it is a painful was pretty good though I can still feel it a bit.

and I hope you get the money you are supposed to...and in time...good luck and fingers crossed!

moongirl...I hope your sciatica feels better soon...I feel your pain
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Woohoo! I am so happy. Turns out I won't have to start working after all. After talking to DH about it, we've decided it would be much smarter for him to work a little overtime. It's just more efficient and makes more sense. I would only make 8.50/hr. With overtime he will make $18/hr. He won't even have to work too much overtime really, to help us catch up on what we need to.

So my gloomy day got a lot better. And I have been feeling the baby so much today. The last few days the baby has been very active all day and all night too.
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Ditto Worldshakerz....... my baby is moving around so much the few days, feels like dancing in there.
Things are going well up here, I posted awhile ago about my partner and I not getting along and not connecting. Things have turned around completely. Now that I am more adjusted to being pregnant, more adjusted to its wild hormonal and life changing ride, things are far more tender and balanced.
Any tips on how to post a belly pic to the bellypic thread? I am not very computer experienced, but have some photos to post. Lots of love mamas.
erth mama, since I don't have my own website to post my pics on and link to, I use It's free, you just store your photos there and then you can make links on message boards, etc, to your pictures.
Worldshakerz...yay at not going back to work...much better this way! Sounds like a wonderful compromise!

I too have a dancing baby the last few daughter felt a kick last night...she's almost 11...she was so thrilled!

Erth mama...sounds like things are going well again...we encounter those rough spots from time to time...we get through and you will too...and I find when we do get through we come out a stronger couple!

It's an adjustment going from 2 to 3...becoming a family...your relationship will change for sure and don't fight it...embrace it! It's good change!
I know what you mean about all my doctor's seeming a little crazy. I've stopped seeing my family doctor (the one that said if at 24 weeks my placenta hadn't shifted then I'd better count on a c-section) and started with this OBGYN. He's supposed to be one of the best in the city, doctors and friends have recommended him. I'm going to be taking a birth plan in to him for my next appointment and setting it all straight. The thing about it is, even if I were to switch OBGYN's, I would only have a choice of about 4 others within the hospital I want to birth at. It's about a half an hour drive away, and is amazing (so I hear, from family and friends). Private rooms, baby rooms in with you (along with husband)...etc. And he said that the chance of him actually delivering the baby is about 80% and if he didn't, then one of the other 4 would. So even if I switched OBGYN's now, there's a 20% chance he'd still deliver. I'm going to give him another chance...although I was pretty pissed off that they didn't tell me I'd be getting a pap or a butt swab until they took me into the room. So yeah. I'll give him another shot. If he pisses me off again, he's gone. :LOL
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So pregnancy brain is really setting it. I mean it started weeks ago, but it's definitely getting worse. I had my appointment for today at 2pm, and yesterday on Wednesday I thought it was already Thursday and that I was going to miss my appointment. So I called and rescheduled for next Tuesday. :LOL Then I realized my mistake and was still able to go in today at 2:30.

Anyhow, I made my appointment today. I'm 23 weeks and measuring at 25cm. I'm a little ahead but still within normal, and my midwife Marion says it could be from overwieght or being high-waisted ( I am both ). My BP was awesome. I gained 7lbs since my last visit though! Eeekk! I was hoping I would have only gained 1 or 2. I'm exercising and eating well, so I guess I shouldn't stress. My next appointment in 4 weeks we'll be doing the glucose test. I'm a little nervous about it, since I weight a little more than I did last time when I got the test. However, I feel my health is much better due to a healthier diet and exercise. So I think I'll do okay. Just nervous since I was borderline last time.

The baby's heartbeat was good and steady to, right at 140 again like last time.

Well, off to my brother's hosue. I'm taking him shopping for a new phone. My son begging for us to leave now so he can see his uncle Aron.
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: Ryleee...maybe you could keep your dr. but always remember nothing is "routine" can refuse any and all tests and procedures and they are not entitled to a reason.

I have never had a gbs wasn't done when I was pregnant with my first 2 and when it was offered with sophia I refused it. If I had tested positive it would have forced me out of having a homebirth..midwives would have had to deliver in a hospital and administer antibiotics...of course I could refuse the antibiotics or go too late to get them but I really did not want a hospital birth again.

Anyway...I am having a dilemma...we may be moving back to my home province...that means we would put this house up for sale and as soon as it's sold we would start looking down there(asking for 2 mos closing)...well thing is we are aiming for end of August so kids don't get messed up with school and can start fresh in a new system, particularly impt for my 11yr old who has a learning disability.

My dilemma is that the province I am moving to doesn't cover midwifery...there is one midwife in the city and she is independant...I am sure I could swing the cost, $$ well spent in my opinion, however what if she is full and one midwife doesn't give you much choice.

Of course the good news is I would be moving to a place where my sister lives and she has tons of friends there and it would be an easy transition even with a new baby...I am sure I would have oodles of help unpacking and such.

My hubby's income/job wouldn't change much but houses are about 80,000 less down there so that's a good thing...there are many good things about it so we will probably do it however I am worried that the midwife won't be available...guess it will be uc for me if that's the case...oh well...I have been considering it anyway but wouldn't want to feel forced into it kwim.

I think I will go meditate on it...cheers everybody!
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ryleeee I am curious as to why the butt swab? I have never had one, what is it for?? Were they testing for something in particular? I thought that the GBS was a vag swab (the MW had me do it myself last time b/c they are pretty "hands off") PLEASE tell me if I'm being toooooo nosy (I might be here)

All is well here. We went to the park today for a couple of hours. Have been having a few problems with my playgroup members not showing up and today everyone came and more new people...hope it's a turning point!
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Yikes! I took a 3 hour nap with my DS today. It was pretty nice. I guess I really needed it. When I drove DH to work today my sciatica kicked in really bad, I mean like a knife going from my right buttock down to my foot. So I went home after, took calmag, took a hot bath, and when I put DS down for a nap fell asleep for 3 hours. I guess it's pretty easy to sleep when it's rainy outside too. Anyways, woke up and the sciatica is almost gone.

Okay, I've got a headache and I don't feel like cooking because I have to clean my kitchen at the same time. It's such a mess! But we're all pretty hungry so I better get going. Steak...hmm...baked potato...and turnip greens. Sounds pretty good to me, better make a smoothie for us first since the potatoes will take a while.
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