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may be 11 weeks instead of 14, rats!

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So I finally had my first appointment with my midwife today! I have been really curious as to how far along I really am . . . I had my one and only AF in December . . . but didn't know I was pregnant until 4 weeks ago, when I woke up one morning dreadfully sick. With DD I started morning sickness around 7 weeks, so I was shocked that I didn't have it until "10" and still have it at 14 and dreadfully so.

Soooo, I asked MW what she thought I was measuring at and she guessed 11 or 12 weeks also. We did get to hear baby's hearbeat for about 5 seconds, but he/she's a little hider just like my DD was.

I have an ultrasound next Wednesday to try to figure out if I'm due Oct 4 or Oct 28 . . . um huge difference there! I was really hoping I'd missed most of my first trimester, how disappointing to have almost another month to go. Rats!
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I got moved back 2 weeks too. That is really frustrating!
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I'm with you guys since based on last menstrual period I would be due October 13th. But I know when I conceived so my actual due date is the 23rd. I'm wishing I could count my earlier due date so I could account for my baby bump.
I was in the same position too. Just one random period in December, and then waking in the night feeling terrible in mid-Feb. I hoped that I could use the December period for dating and got a scan at what I hoped was 10/11 weeks, only to find out I was 8 weeks. I was devastated as I'd already been vomiting for 2 weeks at that point and like you was kinda hoping to have missed most of my 1st trimester. I'm 14 weeks now and starting to feel much better, although still 2-4 weeks to go before I'm properly well. I feel your pain!
Thanks ladies, nice to know I'm not alone! 6 days to find out where we're at . . .
Hoping for good news for you! I have had some troubles too with my due date, but not for quite the same reason. We finally got it all nailed down after I put my foot down today and told them what the scoop was and what it wasn't.
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